10 Amazingly Cheap Paradise Places to Visit and Live. Part I

Today we are going to introduce You the first part of the list of the cheapest but at the same time the most attractive Paradise Places fo visiting andliving there. So let’s start!1.     Ksamil beach, Albania

Southern Albania is a perfect place for living. There is a small town and national park Butrint nearby. You will certainly like its Mediterranean climate, tangerines and olive oil. Albania is rather cheap if compared to its neighbors like Greece, Italy and even Croatia. For instance, beer costs 90 cents per bottle, and a rented apartment will cost you $100-120 per month. You can also enjoy cheap food: about 30 kinds of fish are sold here with an average price of $6 if you go to café. You can buy wine for $6 per bottle. Enjoy being on the beach and hope there won’t be tourist crowds in some 5 years.


  1.      Avarua, Cook Islands

Formally these islands belong to New Zealand, but they are located in 2008 km to North-East from it. Local tropical beaches are as great as the Maldives or Seychelles. The difference is that here you can rent an apartment for $130 per month. Local people are Polynesian natives who aren’t sick and tired of tourists.

Less than 100, 000 tourists come here per year. This amount can’t be compared to Hawaii which is visited by 8 million of people every year. You can watch whales, go camping or just admire the nature. The only thing is that foreign people can’t buy real estate but can rent it for up to 60 years. To get citizenship here you need to live in Avarua for a few years and get a special permission from the government.6821661665_faae491b2e_b

  1.      CeskyKrumlov, Czech Republic

This fairy town is situated in Czech province called Bohemia. The whole area looks like a medieval castle. All the streets are cobbled here. Rose festival and Renaissance fair take place every year. It costs $20 for a lunch for two persons all year round. It’s possible to rent an apartment for $400 per month. For rafting lovers there is the nice Vltava River. The only problem is that you need to study Czech language to live here.

  1.   KohTonsay, Cambodia

KohTonsay is a small island located on the South of Cambodia. It’s a real paradise with beaches and jungles. Only a few fishers’ families live here. So it’s possible to find the best bungalow for cheap prices. You can lay in the sun on the beach or explore the local caves. You can pay $5 to fishers who will cook a fresh delicious crab for you. Any other types of sea foods cost around $1-2. The only problem is that these beaches are wild so you can forget about civilization.koh-tonsay

  1.      Guanajuato, Mexico

There is a great cultural city Guanajuato located in the mid of Mexico. You can rent a nice apartment for $150-200 per month. Beer costs less than a dollar in a bar. And it will take you $3 to go to the cinema. Ray Bradbury wrote his novel about his life in Guanajuato. Cervantino is a famous art festival which takes place in the city. It’scalledinhonorof “DonKixot” author.


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