10 facts about dating hot women

Men are widely regarded as visual beings. Fairly superficial in nature, they often use the defense that it is hardwired into them. And this stereotype really comes into play when a hot woman is involved. And when aiming at staying true to it, a great majority of men will actively seek out women who provide an ample amount of visual satisfaction.For those of us who haven’t had the opportunity to date a really appealing woman, there seems to be nothing to it. However, there are some facts about dating hot women that are highly important to take note of. Below are 10 of those facts that every guy looking to date attractive women should know.


We will start off with some of the more negative facts that create a bone of contention between your desire to date a hot girl and your ego.

1. With hotness, comes entitlement

Good looking women are a lot more likely to come down to feelings of entitlement. She is very attractive, therefore is bound to think that she deserves nothing but the best. She will no doubt try to manipulate you into getting what she wants.

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And all because she knows she is hot.

2.  You will be invisible in her presence

It is possible that you might just become invisible in the company of a beautiful woman. While it may not be a problem for everyone, some men might experience varying degrees of insecurity and inferiority.

3. People will assume you are rich

It is an unfortunate reality, but whenever people see a very pretty woman with anyone other than a very handsome man, they automatically assume that the man is loaded to the hilt.

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After all, why else would such a gorgeous woman be with such a trivial looking man?

4. Power dynamics will often sway in her favor

As mentioned in the very first point, beautiful women possess a sense of entitlement. And, as such, they will try to get their way whenever possible. And being an indulgent boyfriend who lets her get her way all the time can only sustain its charm for a short time.

5. Trusting her will not be easy

It doesn’t matter how loyal she is, if she is gorgeous and you are less so, you will be in doubt of being cheated.

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This insecurity on your part is what menfolk usually blame their partners for. However, in this case, you may very well experience the tables turning on you.

6. Further insecurities will arise

The trust issues you experience with her will give rise to added insecurities. Self-esteem will suffer greatly as you will start to imagine her not being as interested in you as you initially thought. Your confidence may take a complete nose dive as you become progressively less attractive to her.

7. You will face significant competition

Basically a majority of men, who interact with her casually, will do so with the intent of getting with her. Whether it is just to talk to her or with other motives, she will be showered with male attention, wherever she goes.


And, now, for some comparatively positive facts

8. Alternatively, she could be an ego booster

Depending on how you go about it, dating an attractive woman will give your ego a boost every time you realize how stunning she is! This will give your confidence a boost, making you more attractive for her.

9. You will be the envy of every man you come across

Lots of jealousy and envy is to be expected from all your male peers as they ponder over your good luck and charms.

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This will also result in a confidence boost as you realize your own good fortune.

10. Simply the fact that she is hot

Having a smoking hot girlfriend is a privilege that not many men enjoy. And if you don’t fall prey to insecurities, a beautiful woman can completely change a man’s perspective for the better.

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