10 the most environmentally friendly countries for living

In the 21st century people fully realized the significance of clean environment and economical advantages of an eco-friendly lifestyle. When the struggle for energy resources reaches its apogee, and their reserves are extremely reduced, the most progressive states are already actively betting on alternative energy sources – cleaner, cheaper, and what is more important – never-ending.

To determine the environmental purity of each country, various statistical research institutes use a variety of indicators, in particular so called The Environmental Performance Index, developed by Columbia and Yale universities. The method is based on an assessment of the environment according to 25 criteria (ranging from air purity and water quality to biodiversity and the use of pesticides).

Based on the published results, we are going to introduce you 10 cleanest countries of world suitable for living.

Costa Rica with nature reserves and parks, Switzerland with its mountains, Norway with its fjords, Finland with its cleanest tap water and some other countries are here.


Switzerland mountains
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Green meadows, snow-capped mountains and transparent lakes – such an idealistic picture is not preserved by magic alone. Contrary to the fact that Switzerland is considered the most exposed to climate change due to melting glaciers, it is in the top of the list of the most ecological countries. A huge part of the country’s budget is allocated only for the preservation of the environment and, as in some European countries, in Switzerland there are all sorts of discounts, subsidies, payments for avoiding polluting devices such as cars, heating, recycling, etc.


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The Emerald Pearl of Scandinavia, full of mountains, valleys and fjords, appeals people not only with its landscapes, but also with incredible purity. Norwegians are very careful about their natural wealth and do not spare any funds for their preservation in its original form. The fact is that the Nature Conservancy in Norway is one of the priorities of state activity. As far back as 1910, the Law on Nature Protection was adopted in the country, which is still in force, acquiring new protective measures.


Old Town in Stockholm
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Sweden is another Scandinavian country which is in the top 3 of this list. And it is not surprising, because 50% of the country’s area is covered with forests. This is one of the highest rates of “greening” in Europe (together with Norway and Finland). In addition, the Swedish government pays attention to the development of alternative energy sources. Sweden is going to implement the project of fuel-free heating of houses and other facilities by 2020.


Old Town in Helsinki
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It is obvious that Scandinavians care about mother nature and their future more than anyone else in the whole world. So it is not surprising that their standard of living far exceeds most of the world. For the past few years, Finland has been recognized as the best country for living. In Finland, tap water is the cleanest in the world, but due to some technological processes of production that affect the environment, it still hasn’t reached the top three countries from this list.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica bridge
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Costa Rica, in fact, is a reserve country, because more than 25% of the country’s area is a protected natural area. Costa Rica has the largest number of nature reserves and parks that are protected by the best environmental organizations in the world. And fabulous money is given to care for them, because natural beauty and tourism are the main sources of income of the country. A huge number of forests and trees, a variety of wild flora and fauna make Costa Rica one of the cleanest countries in the world.


Green meadows
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Fabulous country of mountain resorts has traditionally occupied high positions in the environmental rating due to the small number of industries and a large number of clean natural areas. Thanks to the healthy mountain air, many people go to Austria for recreational purposes because there is a large number of prestigious and comfortable resorts in the country.

New Zealand

Lake Tekapo
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It is one of the greenest countries in the world. New Zealanders are trying to glorify the magnificence of their nature to the whole world by any means. According to the plan of the New Zealand Government, the country wants to occupy the first place in the environmental rating by 2020. In addition, the country emphasizes on the alternative energy sources. Some small islands have already completely chosen to get energy only using solar panels and windmills.


Old European city Riga
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Due to the small amount of minerals and valuable resources, the production in Latvia is not as extensive as in many other European countries. For this reason, pollution by atmospheric wastes is minimal. In Latvia, everything has been created for the ecological environment: there are a lot of forest and water supplies, and the temperate climate with good geological conditions protect the country from natural disasters.


Brandenburg gate
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Germany is one of the most industrialized countries in Europe, but that is why the Germans, with their inherent pedantry and discipline, are trying to preserve the environment five times more than the neighbor countries. In Germany, there are a lot of plants for the garbage and waste processing, water and soil purification. Many Germans use solar energy, drive electric cars and sort off their garbage carefully. And the development of alternative energy sources is one of the fastest and most advanced in the whole world.


Trevi Fountain
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In Italy, the situation is slightly easier than in Germany, because the industry is not so widespread, and it is concentrated in the north of the country. The southern part remains fresh and clean. There are not so many nature reserves and parks in the country, but the government carefully monitors environmental pollution, harmful emissions from production and recycling.

What about you? How clean is your country?

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