100 the most beautiful places everyone has to visit at least once (Part 6)

Are you ready for our next trip around 10 more beautiful places around the world? Our world is full of wonderful places which everyone should visit at least once in life. 

India, Italy, New Zealand, Taiwan, Netherlands and some more counties have a lot to show to you.

Fort, Barrier Reef, cathedral, canyon,lakes and tower – this all you will visit today with us during our virtual trip.

Fort Chittorgarh, India

Fort Chittorgath
photo: depositphotos.com

Chittorgarh, the capital of the former Kingdom of Mewar, is located on the banks of the Gambiri River in the Rajasthan region. Fort Chittorgarh, which gave its name to the city, is a symbol of Rajput pride and valor. It consists of 22 reservoirs, palaces, towers and temples. In addition, Chittorgarh is located on 700 acres of land and stands on a 180-meter high hill – the view from which is just extraordinary.

Big Blue Hole, Belize

The Blue Hole
photo: depositphotos.com

The big blue hole in Belize is a circular karst funnel with a diameter of 305 meters, extending to a depth of 120 meters. You can look at this wonder of nature either from a helicopter (amazing panoramic view) or from the inside (this is a popular place among divers). Jacques-Yves Cousteau has included the Big Blue Hole in his list of the 10 best diving spots in the world.

Venice, Italy

Rialto Bridge in Venice
photo: depositphotos.com

All Venice is one big tourist attraction. As a rule, travelers visit the Rialto Bridge, see the Cathedral of St. Mark, wander through the narrow streets and ride on a gondola. And, of course, visit the famous carnival. It is a well-known fact that Venice is gradually disappearing into the water, and perhaps soon there will be only memories of its magnificence. Therefore do not waste a minute to visit this place.


the Great Barrier Reef
photo: depositphotos.com

The Great Barrier Reef can be viewed from the air or you can go diving right there. Sea lovers will be delighted. If you do not like to dive, do not worry – you can go to sea on a boat with a transparent bottom, so you can see with your own eyes the various fauna under water. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef. It includes 900 islands in the Coral Sea and about 3 thousand individual reefs.

Cathedral Bay, New Zealand

Cathedral Cove
photo: depositphotos.com

The Cathedral Bay is considered one of the most interesting sights of the Coromandel Peninsula, the famous tourist town on the North Island of New Zealand. Clear water, white sand, beautiful rocks – it is a perfect place for a romantic picnic.

Shifen Falls, Taiwan

Shifen waterfall in Shifen
photo: depositphotos.com

Shifeng Falls is called by local residents little Niagara because of its similar cascade form. Shifen is located between two rocks, so the crash of falling water can be heard for a distance of many kilometers. All slopes are covered with dense vegetation. Magnificent landscapes, a rainbow over the stream, unusual animals – this is what attracts tourists to this place.

Tulip Fields, Netherlands

tulips on fields during spring
photo: depositphotos.com

From the end of March to the beginning of May, the whole Holland is transformed. You will not see such a sea of ​​flowers anywhere else in the world. Huge areas are sown with tulips of all shades: pink, blue, red, yellow, green, purple … It is worth seeing them, as well as windmills, cities with unique architecture, canals and much more. The Netherlands will not leave anyone indifferent.

Antelope Canyon, USA

antelope canyon
photo: depositphotos.com

Thanks to the bizarre shape of the rocks and the soft lighting, the Antelope Canyon is a favorite place for photographers. It got its name because of the unusual color of striped rocks, they somehow resemble the color of antelope. You can visit the canyon only with a guide and only during the rainy season: at this time there is a great danger of flooding.

Eiffel Tower, France

 Eiffel tower
photo: depositphotos.com

As they say, see Paris and die. If you find yourself in this city, you will not be able to pass by the Eiffel Tower – a symbol of not only Paris, but the whole France. It can be seen from many points of the city, since the height of the building is 325 meters. At night, the Eiffel Tower begins to sparkle with hundreds of colored lights. You can even climb it, though you have to pay a few euros for it. And, of course, be sure to take a photo on the background of this most recognizable sight of France.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes
photo: depositphotos.com

In the central part of Croatia, in the Licko-Senj County, the oldest in Eastern Europe national park “Plitvice Lakes” is located. It includes 16 large karst lakes, 140 waterfalls, 20 caves and a unique beech forest. The reserve area is inhabited by bears, wolves, rare birds and other animals. The active and inquisitive traveler will like this place for sure.

Would you like to be one of them?

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