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100 the most beautiful places everyone has to visit at least once (Part 9)

Today we are here again to continue our trip around the most beautiful places around the world. It’s time to visit the places that attract a lot of people from all over the globe yearly.

These are places that everyone should visit at least once in life.

Are you ready to visit old castles, wonderful mountains, beautiful parks, green forests and magnificent waterfalls today? Then we are going to start tight now!

Midway Atoll

Midway Atoll

The name of the Midway Atoll is translated from English as “mid way”, and this is not by chance: the islands are located just between North America and Asia. Now the atoll is a nature reserve, that is a natural home to almost two million birds: Lysan and black-legged albatrosses, white terns, red-footed phaetons and petrels.

Horseshoe Bend, United States

Arizona Horseshoe Bend

We again return to the Colorado River. This time with the aim to look at the Horseshoe – a meander on the territory of the national recreation area of ​​the Glen Canyon. The place is very popular among tourists, because it is really picturesque and here you can take a lot of great pictures. And besides, it is quite easy to get here: the road number 89 passes near Horseshoe Bend.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle

It is a dabulous in every sense of this word place. The castle is truly huge and luxurious. Its name is translated from German, and means “new swan cliff”, and in the decoration of the castle the swans take a leading role. In addition, here you can see illustrations for Wagner’s operas and ancient German legends, William Hauschild’s canvases, the mosaic floor of the Deton from Vienna, columns of marble and lapis lazuli. Neuschwanstein became an inspiration for the construction of the Sleeping Beauty castle in Disneyland Paris. This place also inspired a lot of great people. It is believed that it was right here where Tchaikovsky got an idea of ​​the famous ballet Swan Lake.

Troll tongue, Norway

Trolltunga, Troll's tongue rock

If you want to feel what it is – to stand on the edge of the world, go to Norway, to the mountain Skieggeddal. Troll’s tongue is a protrusion, a breakaway piece of rock, frozen in a horizontal position. For the sake of a good frame at the very edge, many tourists gather courage and climb the mountain. Therefore, here you will get not only photos, but also an interesting experience of climbing.

Coyote Gulch, United States

Waterfall in Coyote Gulch

In southern Utah you will find one of the most unusual mountain formations – Coyote Gorge. This place is famous for its canyons, natural bridges, arches and small waterfalls. It is better to go here on a hike with an overnight stay: unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji

Fuji is a volcano that has not erupted since the 18th century. The snow-covered peak of Fuji is visible from Tokyo, which is 100 kilometers away. In July and August, when the snow melts, the mountain is open to the public, and dozens of people climb 3,800 meters. Fujiyama is a source of inspiration for many artists, musicians, writers of antiquity and modern times. Mentioning Fuji, the Japanese add the word “san” – Fuji-san – as a sign of respect for this highest mountain in Japan.

Park “Erawan”, Thailand

Park Erawan, Thailand

Park “Erawan” is 550 kilometers of beauty and peace. Most people come here to see the famous seven-level waterfall. If you find yourself here, you can even rise to the second level. Just keep in mind that the path is rather slippery and you need to take practical shoes with you.

Amazonia Rainforests

Amazon rainforest animals

The rainforests of the Amazon are jungles that stretch across a vast plain, spanning the entire Amazon basin and covering 5.5 million square kilometers. The jungles on the shores of the Amazon are equal in size to half of the remaining tropical forests on our planet. At least 3,000 species of fish, 1,300 species of birds, about 500 species of mammals, more than 400 species of amphibians, nearly 400 species of reptiles, and about 100 thousand species of various invertebrates live here. And there is nothing to say about the diversity of the flora – there are 150 thousand species of higher plants per square kilometer, including 75 thousand tree species.

Pompeii, Italy

Ancient ruins of Pompei

It is known as a city of sad glory. Together with most of the inhabitants, it was buried under the ashes from the eruption of the volcano of Vesuvius in 79 AD and today it is one of the most popular attractions in Italy. For a fee, you can wander through the deserted streets (you can walk for a long time, so stock up on water). Here you can admire the ancient architecture, frescoes, mosaics. You can also see here the most terrible: archaeologists poured voids in the layers of ash with plaster to get pictures of people and animals in the positions in which they died.

Watkins Glen Falls, USA

Watkins Glen Gorge

You can not believe that such a quiet place can be found near New York, a city that can not be imagined without the hustle and bustle. But it still exists, and a few kilometers from the metropolis you can enjoy the song of birds under the canopy of huge trees near the stream of water. Watkins Glen Park is a 120-meter gorge, along the bottom of which flows Watkins Creek. Along the edges of the gorge, at different levels, there are several paths that intersect with each other and then follow one or the other side of the cliff – tourists come here to walk along interesting hiking routes.

Hope this was a memorable trip for you and you will see with your own eyes at least some places from this list soon.

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