20 things you can do between travelings

This article will introduce 20 interesting activities to the travelers who feel bored between trips.

Have you ever met a man who does not like traveling? Every person loves changes, new impressions, visiting other places and meeting new people. Moreover, very often this love turns into a real passion, which becomes the main meaning of life. Such a person begins to live fully only when he is on a journey, other periods of life between travelings is perceived as an annoying intermittency.

And really, how to please yourself between travelings, so that life does not seem so “tasteless”? Stop suffering, we have the answer!

1) Every week prepare a new dish of national cuisine of another country.

2) Send postcards to all your foreign friends and mates.

3) Start studying your city. As a rule, there are always new interesting places in it, about which you did not know before.

4) Spend more time in the fresh air.

fresh air

5) Plant a seed and grow a whole plant from it. To be a witness of the development of a new life is cool, is not it?

6) Read books about traveling or travel guides. By the way, so you can find out about the new place that you want to visit.

7) Watch movies about distant countries, which you usually never have time for.

8) Plan your next adventure.


9) Dinner at the restaurant with a foreign cuisine.

10) Make a photo collage of photos about your journey and hang it on the wall in your room.

11) Learn a foreign language.

12) Join the local volunteer movement.

13) Start running in the morning. It can always come in handy.


14) Sign up for couchsurfing.com and start receiving guests. New acquaintances can be useful to you on the following trips.

15) Make phone calls to your old friends and arrange an appointment.

16) Meet with other travelers in your city. You will always have something to talk about.

17) Try some new hobby. It can be horse riding, dancing or fencing, in general, something that challenges you.


18) Make a selection of your favorite road songs and save it for the next trips.

19) Write a guide. Do you have a unique knowledge about some place? Share them with others!

20) Meet the dawn just outside the city. Mini traveling will help you brighten expectations.

And what about you? How do you prefer to occupy yourself while waiting for your next adventure?

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