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23 endangered places of the world that everyone have to visit once in life (Part 3)

Today we take our last trip around 23 endangered places of the world that you definitely should visit in lifetime until they disappear forever. It is difficult now to believe that all these marvelous places can be soon vanished from the surface on the earth! But unfortunately it’s true!

Are you ready to know about the rest of the places from this list?

Then do not waste time and go on a trip with us!

17. Tuvalu


This small country located on nine Pacific Islands may go under water soon. The highest point of the archipelago is 4.5 meters above the sea level, so even a small increase in the water level can have a devastating effect on it.

18. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

great barrier reef

The world’s largest coral reef is gradually being destroyed due to environmental pollution and climate change. It is possible that in the foreseeable future it will completely disappear.

19. Pyramids, Egypt

giza, pyramids

The ancient pyramids and the Great Sphinx are also under threat. They are gradually destroyed by polluted air and wastewater.

20. Forests of the Amazon, Brazil

forests of the amazon

The largest tropical forest in the world, covering an area of ​​several million square kilometers, is getting smaller every day. The cause of this is a massive deforestation and the growth of industry.

21. Great Wall of China

Chinese Great Wall

This greatest structure has stood for more than two millennia, but is now in a very poor condition. The wall is gradually destroyed by people and erosion. It is even possible that in the nearest future, significant areas of the symbol of China will turn into ruins due to sandstorms.

22. Maldives

maldives islands

Due to climate change, the famous resort in the Indian Ocean, may soon disappear under water too. Every year the water level in the Maldives area rises by about 1 centimeter. Considering that 80% of the island’s territory is at a height not higher than 1 meter above sea level, they may become unsuitable for life in 100 years.

23. Timbuktu Mosques, Mali


Three mosques erected in the 14th and 16th centuries are protected by UNESCO. But even this cannot protect them. Mosques are mostly built of clay, so an increase in temperature or precipitation can destroy them.

We hope that you will find some time in your tense schedule and you will visit at least some of these places until they exist on out planet.

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