5 Main Rules of the Successful First Date

The first date with a guy is the most important and exciting event for any girl. But not everyone knows how to behave herself during it, and what she should not do at all.

To make your first date successful, you should remember only 5, but the most important rules.

Take these rules into consideration and we hope your first date will have a good continuation.

Rule number 1

A suitably matched outfit

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If a guy invited you to bowling, billiards or to the nature, you should not wear a mini-skirt with heels, and in a case of the restaurant some sportswear. Your outfit should be matched appropriately, then you will not look ridiculous on the first date.

Rule number 2


Do not try to change yourself radically for this meeting: dye your hair with other more bright colors, or cut your hair very short. Do not wear a lot of makeup if you did not do it before. If your young man is accustomed to seeing you with a natural makeup, so do not overdo it so that do not make him feel shoked.

Rule number 3

Behave yourself naturally

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One of the most important qualities that guys appreciate in girls is naturalness. Behave on the first date, as usual, do not try to show that you are a female vamp, do not rush your man’s neck, and even more, do not try to kiss him first.

Rule number 4

Many questions – no need in them!

Do not ask the guy a lot of ridiculous questions, on the following topics: if he is rich or not, and how many girls he had before you. And in general, on your first date, you need to listen more than speak, then the guy will not think of you as a very curious girl.

Rule number 5

No words about the former lovers

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Do not speak about, and especially do not compare your boyfriend with your ex. It will not be very pleasant for him. In addition, your new boyfriend will think that you have not forgotten them yet. And if you have already started talking about your old relationships, answer the questions that your guy can ask you positively.

And, of course, behave confidently during your first date, try not to allow an awkward silence when meeting, and always be a source of only positive emotions for your partner.

And only then your first date will be successful, and your partner will be fascinated by you.

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