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5 Proven Techniques to Overcome Online Dating Anxiety

Anxious to meet that new person you just formed a virtual relationship via an online dating service? Perhaps you are feeling a pull of worry and social anxiety about what it may be like to meet this person for the first time. Will she be the hottie you found in your potential match pool?


Don’t worry! Everybody feels a bit of butterflies that serves up a recipe for anxiety when preparing for and engaging in a looked-forward-to first date. It would be odd to attend a first romantic meeting you are enthusiastic about without worry and anxiety, so your intense feelings present you with a great sign.

If you are not anxious, you are not excited for your date. A lack of enthusiasm in the person certainly does not bode well for the relationship; so think of your twittering tummy as positive foreshadowing to an enjoyable experience.


Not all of us are gifted with the talents of extroversion and conversation. People that fall into the reserved, introverted category have a harder time meeting people and forming relationships in general. Fear of rejection can wipe out the possibility of any action for such persons. If this sounds all too familiar to you, you probably find that the structure of online dating helps to ease the process of meeting a love interest.

Online dating allows you access and interaction with a potential date via chat and phone before ever attempting a face to face meeting. The platform and process of online dating can be said to have successfully assisted many people with social anxiety and shyness issues in finding a marriage partner.

However, the real question on the minds of most guys suffering some form of social anxiety is; how does an individual survive the first date and subsequent dating process? Use these five tips to help you win the perfect lady:

  1. You must learn to deal with the uncertain. Things happen that you cannot predict, and there is nothing you can do about it. Worrying does not help. Instead, you might find yourself unable to enjoy getting to know your
  2. Consider your diet if you’re feeling anxious about your new friend. If you eat a bunch of sugar and unrefined carbohydrates you can get hyped up and give the wrong impression to your cyber-friend.
  3. Learn how to distract yourself. As soon as you feel the stress starting to creep up on you, find something that takes up a lot of concentration. Like…

…Your date!!! Then will see that it disappears quite quickly.

  1. Make sure you are laughing as much as possible. Laughter is a fabulous way to inject frivolity and fun into each date, thus lessening

2. Most importantly, plan on reviewing the hobbies and interests that are relevant to your new friend.

Luckily, if you have been paying attention to your new potential boyfriend or girlfriend in online chat and phone conversation, you have an advantage over regular courting and the traditional first date, where people know far less information. If you are familiar with such hobbies and interests, outline some potential talking points so that you are comfortable and prepared for the conversation. If you are not familiar with a few of the topics, do your research to develop talking points.

Then give your new friend an opportunity to talk and teach you a bit about these things. One of the most engaging traits in a mate reveals itself when one’s partner attempts to learn the that make that make the other person tick! Your enthusiastic fondness for your new interest can emerge as a compliment, allowing for a shared experience together to grow closer, demonstrating your attractive ability to feel intrinsically rewarded by the action. This demonstration means you are most likely to repeat such actions, and your new friend will be able to sense this desirable personality trait.

The keys to success for almost any life goal is education and preparation, overcoming online dating anxiety is no different. And of course, this type of success comes with the reward of a potentially beneficial, long-lasting relationship.

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