7 Awesome Places to Meet Gorgeous Women


The methods of meeting gorgeous women have evolved over the years. What was as simple as going to the bar, talking to the first hottie you see and hitting the jackpot; has now become a complicated affair. Fortunately for men everywhere, the pool of beautiful, available women has grown in proportion and there are now a lot more women willing to talk to random guys, with the right approach, obviously.There have always been places famous for playing host to single, sexy women.


Bars, nightclubs, lounges and events like parties are historically famous for this specific purpose. However, there are other, alternative places that can prove equally effective and even more fruitful than the cliché spots.

Below is a list of 7 places for meeting sexy girls.

1. The Gymnasium

The gym is always a hotspot for fit, attractive women. It can be a treasure trove if your choice is a woman who looks good, and values health and fitness. However, it can also be a tricky place to score as majority of the women tend to get frustrated by the sweaty, testosterone fueled advances they receive. Keeping a low profile, acting cool and respecting their space can surely get the attention of the girls you’ve set your eyes on.


The yoga or pilates section of the gym can be somewhat better for this purpose than the weight training area. Everyone is calmer and more at ease with their surroundings, which can yield much better results.

2. Fashion Shows/Events

The one place where you are guaranteed to find hot girls is a fashion event. And though the obvious assumption here would be hitting on the fashion models, the actual female crowd is not just limited to them. There could be any number of eager, single fashionistas present which could even result in you being spoilt for choice. So, it is a good idea to focus just as much on the women in the spectator seats as you do on the ones on the ramp.


An important thing to note here is that girls who frequent fashion shows are more likely to be high maintenance, so unless you have little financial restraint, it is a good idea to pick and choose according to what your budget allows you to.

3. Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are usually a haven for women of all sorts, so they might seem like the ideal places to meet hot, young girls. However, the majority of men often complain about not actually finding that many hits. This is mainly because they aren’t looking in the right places.


Young, single women are not likely to be shopping in the sporting goods, computers, gaming and menswear stores, unless shopping for someone else. So, look in the women’s wear, jewelry, perfumes and personal care stores instead. It will boost your chances significantly.

4. Cafes

A café is a very relaxed and pleasant setting, one which a lot of girls love to experience on a daily basis. so it is important not to be overactive and aggressive in your advances here. A very calm and warm approach is the best when it comes to chatting with someone in a coffee shop. Play it cool and casual and you just might hit the jackpot.


Cafés also play host to groups of young, single women as well, so extra caution and plenty of personal charm is needed when trying to pick one girl out of a group.

5. At Her Workplace

This is a more specific scenario, focusing more on a female barista or bartender for instance. Women in those positions are supposed to be warm and friendly, so it is wise to not take her smile as acceptance.


Chances are that the woman in question will have a tough, frustrating schedule to deal with, making it important to be tactful and understanding when approaching her.

6. Grocery Stores

This is a place where you can truly see what you’re getting as women seldom wear makeup and do their hair just to visit a grocery store.


It gives you a chance to observe what those girls look like under all the makeup, giving you a chance to appreciate all the natural beauty and pick out the one you’d like to meet.

7. Nightclubs and Lounges

These two places are the biggest clichés when it comes to meeting women. However, with the right approach, they can be rewarding. The idea is to have a good time, be at ease with yourself and not seem desperate on finding a girl to talk to. This casual, comfortable approach guarantees the attention of willing females.


In conclusion, it is important to note that the right approach is everything when looking to meet sexy women. Don’t just focus on the hotness, look at her as a whole person, respect her space, be flirty but not aggressive and you’ll have all the success you could wish for.

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