7 places on Earth where all your wishes come true

Everyone likes to dream! Everyone wants his dreams sooner or later come true. To realize your dreams you need a little. Firstly, you should have a big desire. Secondly, you should get to the right place!

1. The Wall of Love in Paris (France)

the wall of love

The phrase “I love you” is written here in 311 world languages ​​and even in sign language. It is impressive, isn’t it? People make dates and make wishes here. 40 square meters of love confessions is a decent background for the proposal of the hand and heart. A hint to your lover!

2. Delhi Pillar in Delhi (India)

Delhi Pillar

A seven-meter column of pure iron found on the outskirts of Delhi grants health. The age of the building is more than one and a half thousand years. Locals believe that if you lean your back against a column and clasp it with your hands, all illnesses will be cured.

3. Scarab beetle in Luxor (Egypt)

scarab beetle Karnak temple

The ancient Egyptians considered the scarab beetle sacred. Today this granite monument, the sight of the Karnak temple, attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. If you walk around it three times counterclockwise you will get rich, walk around nine times – get lucky in love.

4. Statue of Juliet in Verona (Italy)

Julieta statue in Verona

In the courtyard of the house where the heroine of Shakespeare’s play lived (it was here, according to the plot, where Romeo and Juliet kissed for the first time), lovers from all over the world make crowds. People say a kiss under the balcony will make your love eternal. Even those people who do not believe in miracles can find happiness when they just touch the statue.

5. Column of desires in Istanbul (Turkey)

Hagia Sophia

Mystical twilight reigns in the temple of Hagia Sophia. In the northern nave of the temple there is a famous “weeping” column. To make a wish, you need to perform a special ritual: turn the thumb in the recess of the column 360 degrees.

6. Money Oak on the Isle of Marie (Scotland)

money oak

Insert a coin into the bark of this oak tree and you will certainly have wealth. The trunk of a happy oak tree on the island of Marie is almost not visible under a layer of coins. By the way, the oldest of them was minted in 1828!

7. Pantyusha the Cat (Kiev)


Pantyusha cat

One of the most popular monuments to the representatives of the cat family is set in the Golden Gate park in Kiev. The real cat became the prototype of the fortune-bringing monument. The bronze sculpture is set in honor of the universal pet, the luxurious Persian cat Pantagruel, who lived opposite in the restaurant, and died during a fire. There is a belief that Pantyusha brings money and luck: for this you need to take it by the tail and the ear at the same time.

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