7 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Dating a Model

Dating a model seems to be the Holy Grail for any man looking to date. They are gorgeous, graceful and have impeccable style. Having a model by your side not only makes you the envy of your male peers, it gives you a confidence boost when in social surroundings.There are some downsides to dating a model though. The usual opinions about models being ditzy and unintelligent do apply to some degree. However, there are other reasons as well.

Below is a list of 7 reasons why you should not date models.

1. Lack of intelligence or intellectual development

Girls who grow up to be models are usually naturally beautiful from a very young age. They are favored for their beauty since childhood and so, do not get the chance to be in many situations where they get to grow intellectually. This results in them being conditioned to focus on their outward beauty instead of intelligence which makes them seem ditzy and naïve.

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They don’t make the best conversationalists so you can’t expect many intelligent conversations from a model.

2. Insecurities/low self-esteem

A common misconception is that models are strong, confident women when the reality is the opposite. Because models are used to being complimented on their looks and don’t have the emotional maturity to focus on anything else, they are in constant need of validation. This makes them emotionally dependent and often annoyingly clingy. Usually, this is a trait that puts off most people.

3. High maintenance

Models are some of the most high maintenance people on the planet. Costly clothes, salon appointments, fitness regimens, all of these compete with a dating life for a model.

Beautiful woman

Plus, there is all the work that goes into simply getting ready for a date, which models are often late for. This tends to get quite annoying for their partners.

4. Continuous work and travel

Even if a model isn’t that successful and doesn’t travel too much, chances are they will have tons of work locally which will not allow for much of a dating life at all. All that work and not enough play can be upsetting in the long run as work is often what drives even established couples apart.

5. Bad at money management

Most models don’t have careers for very long and while they do work, their incomes can be ridiculously high. What this does is that it takes away some of that basic sense of managing money.

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Models usually end up spending more than they save which results in them looking for people to maintain their luxurious lifestyles.

6. Lack of homemaking skills

Models are constantly working women who are used to having chores done for them so chances that are a model will be quite poor at everyday household tasks. Cooking, cleaning, pet care, these are not the areas of expertise for a great majority of the models so more often than not, you will have to perform all the aforementioned chores.

7. Too much competition

As mentioned at the start of the article, dating a model is the ideal for most men. A lot of those men will probably be of a better financial standing than you or have better looks. This spells competition for the model’s attention as such people will always try to steal them from you. A model will usually not pay attention to these attempts and often you will find yourself ditched in favor of the richer, better looking man.


Dating a model can be fun and exciting as long as it’s short-term. You shouldn’t have many or in most cases, any long-term expectations from models though.

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