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7 things you should not do when traveling

When traveling to other countries you always should keep the rules of local people. One wise proverb says “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. So, if you do not want to darken your trip and do some harm to others follow these rules.

1. Do not feed wild animals


Yes, it is very tempting to put in Instagram photo of a co-breakfast with a monkey or a raccoon. But you are not allowed to feed all the animals that will meet on your way in a foreign country. First, because of their unpredictable behavior. Secondly, our food for them can be deadly.

2. Do not photograph people without their permission

In some countries this is even officially prohibited. Before you take photo of someone, come and ask him about this.

3. Do not litter

Littering the roads

Even if local or other tourists do this, do not be like them. Use reusable water bottles and tissue bags for shopping instead of plastic bags.

4. Do not fly too often on airplanes

Aircraft emit a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This leads to environmental pollution and global warming, but this is more moral issue. And yet, choosing a train, car or water transport, you do not have to pay a lot for tickets and spend a lot of time waiting at the airports.

5. Do not spend a lot of money

Small cafe

Souvenirs should be purchased away from tourist places. And have bite better in restaurants and cafes that local people like.

6. Do not make selfies with animals

selfies with animals

Many of these animals are purchased illegally and are kept in inappropriate conditions – they are used as a photo-requisite for tourists.

7. Do not humiliate people

Respect everyone who you meet on your journey with respect. If you took a tour to the poorest corner of the planet, do not treat local people as exhibition exhibits.

Travel the world and always stay a smart traveler!

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