7 underwater wonders of the world (Part 1)

The depths of the oceans and lakes are fraught with not less beauties and mysteries than the land of the whole globe. Authoritative Diving Association CEDAM International offered its own list of the “Seven wonders of the underwater world.” rifRanks of the underwater wonders of the world were awarded to

Galapagos Islands,

Belize Barrier Reef,

The Red Sea,

Underwater world of Palau,

Lake Baikal,

The Great Barrier Reef,

The deep-water marine cracks.

Galapagos-Islands-Wallpaper-1st place in this list belongs to Galapagos Islands or Galapagos. Galapagos archipelago is located in the Pacific Ocean at a distance of 972 km from Ecuador. 90% of the territory is occupied by the Galapagos National Park. The islands are famous all over the world thanks to the naturalist Charles Darwin, who visited them in 1835, and he was struck by the local flora and fauna, and saw in them a “living laboratory of evolution.” Galapagos were named after local giant sea turtles (in Spanish “galapago” means “turtle”). The body weight of these animals can reach up to 300 kg, and they live for 200 years. There are few predators on this island, so animals are not afraid of people. You can feed the turtles and iguanas and swim in the coastal waters in the company of Galapagos penguins.

752nd place in our list belongs to Belize Barrier reef. Along the coast of Belize almost 300 km long the coral barrier reef stretches. It forms coastal lagoons with a great variety of marine life. In its general magnitude Belize reef gets the second place in the whole world only after Australian Reef. Here and there above the sea surface small islands covered with mangroves thickets rise, and under the water deep in 40 meters lie beautiful karst caves with stalactites and stalagmites. The most impressive caves of Belize Reef is The Great Blue Hole which is located in the center of the atoll Lighthouse Reef. It is a huge sinkhole, reaches 300 meters in diameter and extending deep into the 120 meters. This cave is a home for many amazing fish kinds such as giant groupers, nurse sharks and Caribbean reef sharks.

red-sergeant_1291189iThe Red Sea takes 3d place in our list today. The richness of the underwater world of the Red Sea has no match in the Northern Hemisphere. To be attached to the beauty of the Red Sea is not necessarily to be an experienced diver, it is enough to learn swimming and snorkeling. Already with the first dive the novice gets an excellent opportunity to swim with the dolphins, admiring the beautiful coral gardens with swarms of colorful fish. Russian poet Nikolai Gumilev sang this fantastic magnificence in his poems: “Hello, the Red Sea, shark soup, Negro bath, sand pot! On your rocks instead of damp moss, is limestone, like a stone cactus blooms. ”


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