A girl-traveler is the best girlfriend. Here is why:

Have you ever thought that girls who like travelling are the best girlfriends? No? We are ready to help you realizing it.

First of all, these ladies are not demanding in terms of comfort and other home related aspects. They are accustomed to be content with very few things at their disposal: only cold water, if the situation requires it, a small, cosy bed (or even a sleeping bag), less clothes, tableware and cosmetics… They are more romantic and do not need a lot, in order to experience comfort and good mood.

Girl-travelers are hardy enough. Long walks, steep slopes, windy and rainy weather, close buses, all of these are not a big problem for them, because they have the experience and the power necessary to overcome such obstacles. And, of course, they have good health!


The girls who like travelling are well developed, have a wider outlook and they are, overall, good buddies. Moreover, a lot of them are optimistic and smiling. They are used to face stressful situations pretty often (canceled flights, lost documents, missing the bus, lacking hotel reservations, sudden changes in weather…) and it teaches them to be more balanced, to keep their emotions under control and to be more happy.

These ladies like change, strive for new impressions and emotions, they are creative and entertaining.


These ladies like change, strive for new impressions and emotions, they are creative and entertaining. They are open for new people, new dating and friends.

Do you like responsible and organized people? In this case, the girls who like travelling are perfect for you! They are easy to lift and can collect their belongings in minutes.

And one more reason: these girls do not need some extraordinary present. A new roomy backpack, comfortable sneakers or quality thermos will be sufficient. You will save plenty of time when choosing a gift!


So, guys, could you have any reason for not choosing a travel-addict girl as your girlfriend or maybe just as your friend? If you like trips, new places, communication and fresh ideas, feel free to cooperate with some girl-traveler and spend an unforgettable time together.

Meets.com is ready to help you!

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