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Around the world: 7 trips that everyone must take in his life

No need to take a pencil to make up your own wishlist of trips and things to do in your lifetime: everything is ready for you. Some trips and things from the list are easy to implement, but it’s difficult to decide on them.

What about bungee jumping or taking a tour around Europe?

Sure, for some trips you will need to save a lot of money. But this worth it! Let’s start!

First trip: Looking for adrenaline


There are a lot of dangers in this world, but at the same time we are looking for them ourselves. It is not necessary to fly to another country for vivid impressions. It is enough to decide on one small madness within our country: for example bungee jumping, rafting, parachute jumping. What would you like to choose?

Second trip: Euro tour


Brussels, Venice, Verona, Barcelona, ​​Paris and Amsterdam – how many interesting cities are there in Europe! There is nothing better than to take a map, choose several cities, pack a backpack and start adventures. Is it possible to remain indifferent to the wonders of ancient Rome, or not to admire the noisy quarters of Berlin?

Tip: do not plan anything in advance, just buy a one-way ticket. Who knows, you might not want to come back home at all? In general, every European country is a separate small world full of secrets and legends.

Third trip: Around Patagonia


A trip to Patagonia through Argentina and Chile can be a major life goal for many travelers. Only there you can follow the footsteps of the book heroes “Children of Captain Grant” and get acquainted with the harsh climate of South America and the native Indians. The view of the giant glaciers, local landscapes, fjords and azure lakes is breathtaking, and this is only at the foot of the mountains. Yes, this is one of those trips, that for many people still remains only a dream. But those who dare to conquer Patagonia, realize how huge and incredible our world is.

Fourth trip: Exotic Thailand


How boring our life will be without cultural shock and new gastronomic discoveries? Go to Thailand. Only one time staying here will be enough. Thailand, with its lush jungles, famous beaches, world-class diving, amazing food, friendly people and cheap prices, is definitely favorite holiday destination in the world for many tourists! Here everyone will find something for themselves: amazingly tasty food, white beaches of Phuket, Krabi and Samui, affordable prices, a completely different philosophy of life and incredible scales of Bangkok. It is not worth going here for the sake of the usual tourism, comfortable hotel and beautiful architecture. In Thailand, you need to change the prism of impressions. It’s time to decide on “backpacking” – take the largest backpack and fill it with all the most necessary things. This way you can travel around Thailand without spending a lot of money, going by public transport and staying in hostels. This side of Thailand will not be shown you by any tour operator.

Fifth trip: Yachting


If it seems to you that you are an avid tourist and have already traveled along your favorite country up and down, then do not come to quick conclusions. Sailing is a new look at vacations. Imagine a vacation without a taxi, registrations, close public transport and expensive hotels. As soon as you step aboard a boat, life changes dramatically. Use the sun as a watch, the coastline as a map and the wind as a guide. The best part of the journey is ahead: the cruise itinerary is completely up to you. A vacation on a yacht is beautiful, regardless of whether you are a modern Christopher Columbus or prefer to sunbathe on the deck. Only on a yacht you can fully explore your favorite Canary Islands, visit the best places in Croatia or discover the hidden beauty of Iceland. After all, on the other hand, all these places are not accessible any other way.

Sixth trip: With “wow” effect

Las Vegas

There is one place on the planet where everything is possible. A place where everything can be described in one word: “Wow”. Ladies and gentlemen, take care of your wallets, because we are coming to Las Vegas. Acquaintance with this city should start with a visit to the casino. Each casino hotel is a separate world, full of magic, bright Broadway shows, restaurants and shops. What really strikes Las Vegas is its scale. Driving along just one street, you can see all the modern sights of the planet and make a bet on “7 red.”

Seventh trip: The sounds of music


At least once in your life you are obliged to visit the world’s music festival. No matter where to go – Sziget, Tomorrowland, Burning Man or Rock am Ring. This will clearly be the event of life, about which you will tell your grandchildren. This is a wave of emotions that covers the head and does not allow to exhale for a long time.

Any festival is a place where you can freely express your emotions. This is the cry of the soul under the tracks of top artists. There is only one rule – to enjoy the every moment. But if such festivals are too stressful for you, there are many events that are also worth visiting: the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro or St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin. The main thing is to give a way to your emotions!

Each trip is a separate adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. Even if it is a banal all inclusive in Egypt. Visiting new places helps expand the picture of the world, revise values ​​and, most importantly, inspire yourself before returning home.

Go, go ahead, friends and enjoy your life!

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