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Asian trip: guided tour around Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destination in the Southeast Asia. People love this place for the clear sea, incredible nature, friendly locals and eternal summer. All this helps to relax, rest and have a great time here.

An important advantage of Thailand are affordable prices for housing, food and entertainment.

For reasonable money, you can rent a stylish apartment with a swimming pool and gym, afford relaxing spa treatments and massages, rent a bike to ride around the city. Moreover, you can enjoy delicious dishes of local cuisine, a cloudless sky over your head and a feeling of complete carelessness. In general, Thailand is great.


You can have a visa free journey around Thailand up to 30 days.

The language barrier

local people

Thai is the only official language in the country. Despite this, problems with understanding should not arise. Locals are friendly and always ready to show you the way. Some people know English, but more often you will have to explain everything mostly in sign language.


Thailand is situated close to the equator, so it is always hot here. There are three main seasons in Thai: cold, hot and humid. Thanks to the stretching of the country, you can relax here all year round. From November to March, the season is open on the Adaman coast (Phuket, Lanta, Krabi), from April to October – on the coast of the Gulf of Siam (Samui, Phangan, Pattaya). In the off-season it is still hot here, but it rains from time to time.

elephant trip

In order not to burn in the sun, use sunscreen and wear a hat. Ultraviolet radiation is active even when it is cloudy, so this rule works even if there is no sun outside.


You can look for tasty and cheap snacks at mobile carts offering local street food. Each cooker specializes in a particular dish: one sells soups, the other – fried rice, the third – pancakes, and the fourth – a shake made of tropical fruits (mango, papaya, coconut, pineapple, pomelo).

thai food

Chili, lime and sugar are added to almost all Thai dishes – they are spicy with a combination of sour and sweet. Among the non-spicy options are som tom (papaya, tomato, lime and peanut salad), pad thai (rice noodles with shrimps or meat), rat na (noodles with pork) or cao Muu Daeng (rice with pork). To reduce the degree of spiciness, while making your order say not spicy or may pet.

Where to go


It is the capital of Thailand. Visit the royal palace, the temples of the recumbent Buddha, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. You can enjoy a beautiful panorama of the city in the park Lumpini.

Chiang Mai

It is an ancient city with stunning temples, night market and beautiful surroundings: mountains, waterfalls, strawberry farms.

Phang Nga Bay

It is one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Thailand, where the ninth James Bond film was shot.

Phi Phi Islands

monkey on the beach

This place offers snow-white beaches of the Adaman Sea. You have a chance to enjoy diving and quiet rest away from parties.

Phuket and Samui

They offer primitive nature, clear sea and a paradise for all lovers of beautiful sunsets.

How to save on a trip

Bargain. In Thailand, it is customary to bargain, so do not hesitate to beat down the price in taxis and street shops.

Rent accommodation near the center. It is cheap and comfortable in a condominium. So you will save time on the road (there are traffic jams here) and spend less on trips around the city.

Rent a bike. Take with you the old international passport or copies of the current one, so as not to give the original to take a bike for a rent.

rent a bike

If you go shopping to Bangkok, use discounts with the JCB card. It gives a 5% discount in the Peace Store stores (products from Laos, Vietnam and India), NaRaYa (bags and accessories) and THANN (natural soap and aroma products).

Take advantage of a 20% discount on JCB card for Thai massage and spa treatments at My SPA and The Grande Spa in Bangkok.

Food in street stalls is much cheaper than in cafes and restaurants, but not inferior to them in taste, quality and method of preparation.

We hope you will take our guide tips into consideration and your journey around Thailand will be great and full of memorable moments.

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