Best Ways to Save Money When Travelling

Most people don’t keep on travelling because they think it’s too expensive. But what if we tell you saving money when travel is easy? Actually, travelling on a budget is quite simple. Here are ten ways you can save your cash when you travel in 2015.

  1. Sharing Economy

There were the days when you had to book flights at the airport, search for hotels in the newspapers and plan everything weeks, if not months ahead. Nowadays, the sharing economy gives you an opportunity to save your money as competition means savings. While lots of sharing economy sites have existed for years, they keep growing. So put the sharing economy to work for you just about anything, from guide tours, food, transportation and accommodation.title-image

  1. Free Stay

The so called World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (with a weird acronym WWOOF) sets travelers up with room in exchange for work on a farm. Farming isn’t for everyone. But it doesn’t always mean milking cows – most of the time it’s just about cleaning. Being a part of a community and working at a farm will add to your experience too. If you wish to go to New Zealand or Australia, then WWOOF has lots of options – but it also works in Europe and South America.

In case you are not into farm work, other hospitality websites connect travelers with local people who let them stay for free. Aside from a place to sleep, you also get to meet people and see what life in that place is really like, which you don’t get while staying in a hotel. These services are not just for solo travelers – you will find people of all ages willing to host families and couples either. You can check such websites like Couchsurfing, Servas, Be Welcome.sfsf

  1. Use Budget Airlines

Regular airlines don’t lower their fares even if gas gets cheaper. They’re squeezing in more seats to earn more money. But such airlines like WOW, Air Asia and Norwegian Air fly cheaply from USA to Asia and Europe. They get you to the other continents at lower price, and with no frills. If you choose Norwegian Air for travelling to Europe you will pay just about $150 one way, and $200 to Asia. In Asia, Air Asia has flights for $20 one way within the region and $150 one way to Australia.25_t

  1. Spend Your Miles & Points

If you’ve got airline miles sitting around somewhere it’s time to cash them in. While travel loyalty programs got more restrictive, it’s also simple to get a big miles bump: A number of travel credit cards suggest sign-up bonuses like 50,000 points, which can equal a round travelling to Europe. You can get bonuses at shopping portals for every dollar you spend, and loyalty programs suggest deals and promotions. Travel hacking (the use of miles and points for free travelling) became more popular and made it easier to get points. Websites like FlyerTalk can guide you through the best ways to use the

  1. Travel to Cheap Countries

A weekend at a 4 star hotel in Paris can cost you more than the same trip to, say, Lisbon. Take advantage of countries with nice exchange rates or down economies. Greece, Russia, Australia, Japan, and India got their currencies drop compared to the dollar, making them much more affordable. While the prices in these countries didn’t fall, they became cheaper because of currencies fall.

  1. Get Travelling Cards

City tourism cards allow you to get lots of attractions for one price, and stretch your sightseeing bucks. Typically, a pass costs 2-3 museum entrances, but includes access to lots of attractions. You can save up to $100 by using them. Best of all, you can get tourism cards at the local office and, as an added bonus, they come with free public transport usage.m.5246_krakow-tourist-card

  1. No Bank Fees

There is no reason to pay $3 every time you take out money, or to pay 3% when you get stuff abroad. Get a no-fee debit card and credit card. You can sign up for these cards online – but check with your local bank to see if it provides any no-fee cards too.

  1. Last Minute Deal Apps

Travel related apps revolutionize how travelers book and pay. App stores have tools that will save you on flights, hotels, and airport lounges. But they will also demonstrate to you what credits airlines offer for delays, and how to use your miles and points.

luxury white cruise ship shot at angle at water level on a clear day with calm seas and blue sky

9. Cheap Tours & Cruises. It may seem risky, but book group tours and cruises at the last minute when travel companies desperately try to fill unsold places. By waiting until within a several weeks before travelling, you can get upwards of 50% off the list price. With cruises, you can also find offers if you book a year in advance when companies sell the cheapest cabins.

  1. Road Trip

For the first time in last 5 years, a gallon of gas costs less than 3$, even in cities like Los Angeles. So it’s time to hit the road and see your own country. You don’t need to go abroad to experience something amazing – just go on an epic budget travel book tour driving across the US.

Finding travelling deals is easier than ever. Don’t wait until next year to go to the countries you’ve always wanted to go.

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