Cheap Places 2015 with Warm Weather in March. Asia

March is a perfect month for visiting many parts of Asia, although some cities like Saigon and Bangkok are already too hot during the day for most travelers. But the most important point is the cheap places for visiting so that everyone could afford. boats-pokhara-nepal.jpgPokhara, Nepal

  •         March avg high: 72F/22C
  •         March avg low: 50F/10C

It’s still a little chilly in Pokhara, especially in the beginning of March, but at least it’s very dry and that is very important here. This is the trekking capital of the world so it’s better to face cooler days as long as they are clear and dry.

Hotels in Pokhara are very cheap by most standards, and they’ve built lots of new ones that prices stay low for years to come. Meals and alcohol are very good deals here so it’s a nice spot for chilling out for a bit. The trekking tours are expensive, nevertheless, if you’d like to go on multi-day trips with guides you’re going to spend decent money in comparison with just staying in town.

dhara-dhevi-chiang-maiChiang Mai, Thailand

  •         March avg high: 95F/35C
  •         March avg low: 65F/18C

While April is the hottest month of the year in most of Southern Asia, so March is already rather scorching. Chiang Mai is one of the cooler cities in this area, especially in the evenings, so it’s still rather good and bearable this month. There is still a high season in hotels, but the prices are good even then so there is no reason to try to save money by going when it’s too hot instead.

Chiang Mai is one of the world’s best budget destinations, especially with its hotels but also with its meals, alcohol and shopping. It’s very popular for those travelers who spend a month or more in the region while it’s much less hectic than Bangkok or other large cities while being cheaper as well.

goa-indiaGoa, India

  •         March avg high: 90F/32C
  •         March avg low: 74F/23C

The difficulty with Goa is that it’s rather remote for most travelers so it isn’t the kind of place you can go for a long weekend. For that reason this Indian place is very popular for longer trips of a few weeks or more. The weather is simply perfect in Goa during March, though it perhaps means you’ll want a place with air conditioning rather than just a fan.

Some cities like Vagator and Anjuna are better for the budget crowd and the nightlife crowd, while other beaches further south go more in package hotels in the midrange. You can spend very little in this area if you need to, but paying more will get you much better quality that’s worth it.

Luang Prabang, Laos

  •         March avg high: 92F/33C
  •         March avg low: 64F/18C

Similar in some ways to Chiang Mai, Luang Prabang has cooler evenings through March so it’s still rather good to visit it this time of the year. It’s better to travel as early as possible and then relax for most of the afternoon.103382_orig

March still belongs to the high season for hotels in Luang Prabang, and living here isn’t as cheap as it’s in many other tourist cities in the area, but it’s still rather cheap by most other standards. Affordable meals and alcohol are also cheap to find if you look a bit, so don’t just go into the first place you see if you’re trying to save your money.

Phuket, Thailand

  •         March avg high: 92F/33C
  •         March avg low: 76F/24C

March is rather hot in Phuket, but since it’s almost totally a beach destination it’s still worthy of visiting. Actually all of the islands in Thailand can be rather nice to visit in March, with Phuket being the most expensive among them. The crowds disappear after February so hotel prices go down a bit as well.

Phuket-ThailandPhuket is rather a big island with lots of various beaches on its edges, most of which are rather expensive and tend to be luxurious resorts, so if you’re on a low budget you have to choose a beach carefully or even stay in Phuket Town, which is island. But still, meals and drinks are rather cheap and it’s fun place if you find the right area for your style.

Hong Kong

  •         March avg high: 71F/22C
  •         March avg low: 62F/17C

hongkongboatHong Kong is quite cool in March, but at least it’s mostly dry, so it’s a nice time to travel there before the summer rainy season will start. This is mostly an indoor city and the evenings are rather mild so this is a perfect month to come and enjoy the restaurants, shopping and nightlife in this city.

Hotels in Hong Kong have usually steady prices all the year round, and the hostels are terrible in common, so finding a cheap hotel isn’t easy. Still, in comparison with the most of the rest of the world Hong Kong is rather cheap and it’s a splendid place to visit, at least once in your life.


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