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Dating a Fashion Girl: 10 Reasons why it’s Simply Awesome

Nobody really needs a reason to date a fashion girl! After all, aren’t they just perfect in every way? Dating a fashion girl might just be the best decision you take at this point in your dating life. So for the benefit of those still having second thoughts, here is why you should date a fashionista.

1. Your wardrobe will receive constant updates

Fashion girls are very much in the know about the latest fashion trends and dating one will make sure you never have the same drab jeans and t-shirt on, every day.


Additionally she will keep your hair and personal grooming on point as well.

2. Access to the best clubs and venues

One of the perks of being a fashionista is access to exclusive clubs, parties and events. And the perks of dating a fashion girl include similar access to said venues.

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This also means less waiting in line and generally more fun as attending such parties and events will become the norm, instead of a once a week thing.

3. You will get noticed more

Girls who are into fashion tend to be a lot more visible in general. This in turn will increase your visibility and be a great help for gaining exposure for personal and even business purposes.

4. She will be perpetually photo-ready

Fashionistas and models are generally photogenic and no matter the occasion, they always look good in photos.


So no matter how haggard you look in a spontaneous photo or selfie, at least your girlfriend will be flawless.

5. She will be a hit with the parents

Your mother will love all the beauty and skincare products that come with the territory and your dad will appreciate your ‘success’!

6. Free travel and discounts

Another very valuable perk of dating a fashion girl is all the free, sponsored travel in the way of press trips. Girls like these are frequently offered press trips all over the words to promote travel to specific spots and along with that comes lots of editor discounts which you too, can avail.

7. She will be good at talking to just about anyone

All the experience in the fashion industry, all that meeting hundreds upon hundreds of different people will have turned her into a good conversationalist.

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And that too, more so than a model who simply doesn’t have time to mingle too much.

8. She will have near-boundless stamina

Chances are that she is used to work in the morning and afternoon, dinners outside in the evenings and all night parties so she will have no shortage of energy for whatever you might have in mind!

9. She will probably defy people’s expectations

Other people who see you two together may assume you’re dating a ditzy, materially obsessed bimbo.


However, all those years of meeting a plethora of different people will have instilled an intellectual and cultured outlook as well.

10. She will make you the envy of all your peers

Last but not least, she will be drop dead gorgeous, inspiring jealousy from your fellow men wherever you go, hand in hand with her!

All in all, dating a fashion girl can be an extremely rewarding experience and if you can turn that into a steady relationship, all applause to you!

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