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Fakes, Spammers, And Scammers On Online Dating Sites And Their Intentions

Online dating sites such as is a system where people communicate over the internet and arrange a date with the primary aim of either forming a romantic, sexual or personal relationship.Online dating users have been growing over the years, and close to 11% of all Americans have used internet dating at least once.

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On, all you’ve got to do is sign up using your email address, complete your profile and search for a soul mate. The internet is a great place to meet people as demonstrated by the billions of people throughout the world who use online dating sites. Many have been successful in finding love but also many have fallen prey to scammers and spammers.

Internet dating is low on trust because it’s so easy to falsify your profile and pretend to be someone you aren’t.

Fake profiles on internet dating sites

People with fake profiles put the picture of a celebrity or a model as their own. The key aim is winning you over and within a short period, some will ask for your personal phone numbers so that they can communicate with you through more private channels such as calls or instant messaging applications. They often ask for photos or videos of yourself dressed inappropriately.

How does spamming work?

Spamming is the act of sending unwanted marketing materials in the form of electronic mails such as junk mail, often referred to as spam. Spamming is considered to be more infuriating than dangerous. Sometimes the spam sender may solicit you to buy things from them.

If someone you met online is soliciting or spamming you with junk mail, cease all communication with that particular individual and report their actions as inappropriate. You are also advised to set up a separate email for whichever internet dating service you use so that it can be easy for you to quarantine the spam emails.



Scamming is more serious than spamming. Scammers create fake profiles, using fictional names and false identities to lure you into their traps. They will profess the love they have for you within a short period with the main aim of conning you.

They often go to great lengths in to earn your trust with the primarygoal of winning over your emotions and consequently swindling you off your monies. Scammers will share their personal information with you, talking about their families and siblings so that they can be close to you and even send you gifts.

Once they gain your trust and full attention, they will ask for monies or your bank details you in a subtle manner. Scammers will claim financial hardships or pretend they are in some personal emergency and will ask you help them foot hospital bills of a sick family member.


Internet dating scammers will not only lead you to lose a lot of money but may be a threat to your personal well-being and safety especially for those who will convince you to travel overseas to do things for them. Avoid engaging with someone who asks you for money or your bank details because when the money is lost, it’s almost virtually impossible to recover it. is quite familiar with scamming, spamming and fake profiles problem on the dating sites. Our site has great users, very respectable wealthy men but unfortunately,some girls have had a sad experience with scammers and spammers.

The team takes every reported issue very seriously. The ‘Report the user’ button in our messenger can be used by users to communicate any scamming or spamming issues on the site. Our moderators also check all photos of newly registered profiles using intelligent robotic antifraud system.

Bearing in mind the kind of capabilities our antifraud system has, it is largely due to users that we can effectively fight scammers, spammers, and fake profiles on our site. is an online community where you will feel comfortable socializing and finding love.

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