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General questions

Is this site free?
Answer: For girls the site is free, for men there is paid subscription on our site. Such approach ensures almost complete lack of “annoying” users, who don’t have any opportunity to invite girl for travelling.

For what do we need the site
Answer: We help people make new and interesting acquaintances. Girls have an opportunity to travel for free and have a great time. Guys, who don’t have time to search for a fellow traveler in social networks or in real life, get an opportunity to find her just a couple of clicks away. Meet and travel! Dreams come true with

How can I contact customer support?
Answer: If you didn’t find an answer to your question then you can contact customer support in several ways: send us message on e-mail, contact Customer Support Services and write us on Facebook.

Questions about the registration / authorization

How to register on the site?
sign-upAnswer: On the main page of our site click Signup and fill in all the required fields of your profile. You can also watch the video instruction How to register your profile.

I don’t get SMS?
Answer: Usually you get SMS within one minute. Check the balance of your phone number. If the message is not received for a long time, try again later. Phone Verification With SMS password is necessary for ensuring the necessary level of safety and comfort of all the users of the site. We hope for your understanding.

I don’t get the e-mail message with a confirmation link.
Answer: The e-mail message with a confirmation link is sent to the addressee, and usually comes within one minute. If you don’t get this e-mail, please check the folder “Spam,” in your e-mail account. It is noticed that often this problem occurs in such postal services as, Less often, such difficulties have the owners of postal service. If you have such problems, perhaps a good solution for you would be to create a new e-mail account on the site

I can’t login.
Answer: Check if your login and password were inserted correctly. Check the language of your keyboard, maybe Caps lock on your keyboard is switched on. Click “Forgot Password?” in the authorization field. Please contact the site administrator if you still can’t login to your profile.


How can I upload new photos?
Answer: Login to your profile, click “My photos”, then – “Add New Public Photo” and upload your most interesting and attractive photos from your computer.

What is the percentage of your profile filling? What does it influence on?
Answer: The percentage of your profile filling shows if all the fields of your profile are filled. This rate influences the popularity of your profile during the search of new friends. If your profile is filled less than on 60%, your profile will not be shown in the search.

What is “Trips”, and for what do we need them?
Answer: In this section you will find all the options of Trips that are on offer. Trips are created by premium members of the site – men, who pay for a paid subscription (membership).

How to add a user to favorites list?
Answer: Choose the profile you are interested in and click the button “Add to favorites”, that is located below the main photo of the profile. After that, all users that you have added to favorites will be placed on one and the same page.

How to delete my profile from the site?
Answer: You should choose “Edit profile” in your profile. At the very end of the questionnaire you will find the red button “Delete my profile”. By pressing this button, you will delete your profile from our site. We would like to draw your attention that you will not be able to reactivate your account or restore any stuff that have been added to it before.

How to block a user?
Answer: This option will be available in the following updates of the site. Now you can complain about the user and our security services will take action against this person. We can even remove his profile.

Do you have any feedbacks from people, who have travelled with the help of your site?
Answer: We receive positive feedbacks from our customers all the time, but we don’t collect them and don’t publish because we reserve the right to privacy of our users.

I don’t want to get notifications in e-mail messages.
Answer: If you do not want to receive notifications from in emails, so at the bottom of the letter received from us you need to click on the link – unsubscribe from this list.

How can I view private photos of the other user of the site?
Answer: You need to send a request to the user and only after his or her confirmation and giving you access to his or her photos, you can view them.

How can I edit my profile?
Answer: Login to your profile, click “Edit Profile” and fill in all the offered fields of your profile.

I want to change my login/e-mail.
Answer: Username and email address on our website can’t be changed. You can either create a new profile or write to customer support service of our site.

Why my profile is suspended?
Answer: We reserve the right to suspend your profile because of violations of the rules of our site use.

I can’t upload photos.
Answer: Please check whether your photo has acceptable parameters. The maximum size of a photo is 8Mb. Allowed format is JPG. Please contact customer support if you still can’t upload your photos.

How to hide photo (to make it private)?
Answer: You can do it in the section My Photos. To do this you should just click Make Private that is below the photo.

If I’ve deleted my account, can I get it back?
Answer: Please, take into consideration that you can not reactivate your account once more or restore any of the materials that have been uploaded to it.

My account is blocked (suspended), what should I do?
Answer: Most likely, your account has been blocked for violation of the rules of use of the site. If you believe that your account has been suspended mistakenly, you can send a request to unblock your account. Your account restoring can take up to 24 hours depending on the action detected by the system. We reserve our right to refuse to unlock your account in a case of flagrant violation of the use of the site.

What happens after my account suspension?
Answer: You can’t write to users of the site, view and comment their photos.

For guys

I can’t write/send message to girl.
Answer: To socialize with girls, you need to become the owner of the Premium status on our site.

I can’t read the received messages.
Answer: After becoming the owner of Premium status, you can read the messages that are sent you.

What advantages will I get buying Premium account?
Answer: Purchase of Premium Account gives you the opportunity to socialize without any restrictions with girls, create trips, add comments to photos. In other words the premium account allows you to use all the opportunities of for successful search of interesting girls who are fond of traveling.

What forms of payment are accepted on your site?
Answer: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover, JCR

How can I contact girl via the phone?
Answer: You need to ask the user to give you her phone number.

Why can’t I extend my premium?
Answer: There can be several reasons:

  1. You have not enough money on your card.
  2. Your card is locked by your bank.
  3. The connection failed during payment.

In a case of any difficulties with payment, you can contact us by sending message.

I’ve made a payment but nothing happened.
Answer: Processing may take some time, from several minutes to several hours. If nothing happens after a long period of time, please contact the customer support service on our site.

Can I continue reading messages and socializing after the expiry of my premium?
Answer: You won’t be able to read new messages after expiration of premium. But you will continue to get messages and you will be able to read them after the subscription renewal.

How to create Trip? For what do I need to indicate the country and the date of the trip?
Answer: Login your profile and click Add Trips. When creating a trip, you can specify the destination, the date and duration of your trip. Country and date of trip should be specified in order to find a fellow traveler with the same interest.

How can I view private photos of the other user of the site?
Answer: Just asking him for access to his photos.

How to write a message to a girl?
Answer: You need to visit the profile of the girl you liked and click here:
You can use our messages generator, and also request contact details of the girl, if you want to talk to her over the phone or send her e-mail.

What benefits do I get when buying a Premium account?
Answer: The purchase of a Premium account completely removes all restrictions on communication with girls. A Premium account owner can request access to their private photos, view photos and leave comments, add unlimited number of girls to Favorites, request and receive verified phone numbers and e-mail address.

How can I contact a girl over the phone?
Answer: You must request contact details of the girl who you liked.
After sending a request a mutual exchange of contact details takes place in a case if the girl approved your request. Do not forget to make sure you have verified your e-mail and phone number. You can do it following this link It is necessary to do it to protect the personal data of our users from unwanted use, while providing the opportunity to receive proven and confirmed contact information from each other.

Why can not I extend the terms of my Premium membership?
Answer: Usually, when renewing a Premium account no problems should happen. If, however, you have problems, make sure that you have enough funds on your card to pay for the cost of the tariff you have chosen and that the card is not blocked by your bank. If the second attempt of payment fails pleases contact our support team and we will try to help you.

For girls

What should I do if some user of the site behaves inappropriately or abusively against me?
Answer: You should address with your complaint against the user to the customer support service.

Do all the users of your site can write me messages?
Answer: No. Only guys, who have Premium status, can write to you.

Who can view my private photos?
Answer: Only those users, who you’ve given access, can view your private photos.

What is “Trips” and for what do we need them?
Answer: In the section Trips you can view all options of those trips that are offered by the users. Here you will find the trip according to your preferences and wishes. You can give response to the Trip, to show your interest to the proposal, or write a message to the author of this Trip.

How to increase my popularity on the site?
Answer: Fill in your profile to 100%, and upload your best and the most attractive photos. Use search and write a few words to those users you like. Be active and sociable user – it is a good step that always brings positive results.

Can I be first who will start writing messages to the other users (members) of the site?
Answer: The girls of our site are free to write messages to all users. In addition, the girls who are active and more sociable on the site, according to the statistics, find the most interesting options of dating and traveling for themselves.

What is the Real-status, what for and how to verify it?
Answer: The customers with the verified profiles are more visible on the website, get priority in the search results and generally look more trustworthy to other visitors of To confirm the profile you need to do a couple of simple steps.
1. Verify your phone number:
phone-sendThe confirmation code will be available in SMS format.
2. Send a photo with a confirmation code indicated in your profile:
You need to send your real photo, where you hold the hand-written on a piece of paper the confirmation code of your profile. Your “confirmation code” can be found on your profile page.
When your photo with the confirmation code is checked by the moderator of the site, your profile will be verified. The girls, who have confirmed their profiles, get certain privileges on our site. Their profiles will be shown on the first pages of the search results. And it means that they will draw more of the men’s attention and more likely start to chat quicker.