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Feed giraffes and stay for a night in a plane: Top 5 the most unusual hotels around the world

Everyone who is no longer inspired by the Swedish table and who is fed up by swans made from towels! We are going to return the former courage to the hotel life! And hotel rooms made from ice, a hut in the mountains, bungalows under the water and other fantastic hotels will help us a lot. We have collected here not just the places for staying for a night, but all of them are self-sufficient attractions, to visit which it is worthwhile to fly, to ride, to go and to cover long distances. 

Ice hotel in Finland

Address: Snow Village, Lainiotie 566, Kittilä, Finland

ice hotel
photo: depositphotos.com

Furniture, dishes and the walls in this hotel are made of ice – every season the rooms are rebuilt with a new design. The temperature in the rooms is usually -5 ° C (while in the street it is -35 ° C!). To ensure that guests do not get cold, they are given warm sleeping bags. And those who are still cold, go to the restaurant – there are real dishes there and the temperature is much more higher. However, the ice buildings here are more common: an ice cafe, ice hills, an ice chapel and everything like that. And when you get bored of ice, you can go on a snowmobile or in a sleigh with a reindeer team.

You can book a room in this hotel here.

The manor with giraffes in Kenya

Address: Giraffe Manor, Koitobos, Nairobi, 00503, Kenya

hotel with giraffes
photo: coca-colarussia.ru

Monkeys, turtles and cats – we have already seen them on the resorts. But giraffes is completely another thing. While you are having breakfast, these elegant animals with long necks look into the windows of the manor and beg for delicious food. And it is so because the hotel is located on the territory of the reserve, where since 1974 endangered species of giraffes Rothschild live. They are kind, well-fed and not shy. You can make a selfie with one of them, and it will lick your hands in response.

To book a room in this manor, visit this site.

Four-star plane-hotel in Costa Rica

Address: Hotel Costa Verde, Puntarenas, Quepos, Costa Rica

This Boeing-747 was restored outside in 1965, but inside it was completely redesigned. Now there is a comfortable two-room apartment for 2-4 people in this plane. Teak wood trim, huge beds, air conditioning, spiral staircase … Looking at them you can not say that once these apartments could fly. The hotel is located on the tops of trees, so that the view of the jungle and the ocean is just fantastic – especially from the terrace. Yes, it is also provided in this unusual hotel. Be sure, the whole Instagram will envy you!

If you want to stay for a night in this hotel, then book a room here.

The room in a truck crane in Denmark

Address: The Krane, 2150, Copenhagen, Denmark

hotel crane
photo: webrelax.com

There is only one room in this hotel, but it is very special: with a spacious bedroom, a living room and a jacuzzi. An ascetic design, unbelievable comfort and panoramic windows, from which you can see the capital of Denmark all this is provided in this hotel. Black furniture and dark room decor remind that mood color – the gray hotel is located in a real crane for loading coal. The concierge will take you from the airport, and in the mornings he will bring breakfast to your room.

Would you like to be the one and only visitor of this hotel, then visit the site and book a room beforehand.

Hotel in the tree in France

Address: Chateaux Dans les Arbres, Domaine de Puybeton, 24440 Nojals-et-Clotte, Франция

tree house hotel
photo: uniqhotel.ru

House in the tree is almost like in childhood, but it is a real one: spacious, with Jacuzzi and sauna. Guests are woken up by birds’ singing, sit on the terrace with a book and, wrapped in a blanket and sip their favorite drinks. In the village there are only 6 houses, they are designed for couples and families up to 6 people. Each house is a separate dwelling with a courtyard and terraces that give a splendid view of the nature and the ancient castle. And there is a lake nearby where you can swim.

If living in a tree house is your dream from childhood, then book your room here.

So, where would you like to stay for a night? Have you already decided?

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