Greece – antique paradise overlooking the sea and mountains

“In Greece, there is everything you want”. Today, this phrase became very popular. Not so many countries in the world have so many bays and coves, favorable for a beach holiday, sailing and surfing. In Greece, you can swim in three seas at the same time – the Mediterranean, the Ionian and the Aegean Seas, or take a cruise around the islands (there are more than 2000), full of gripping and exciting legends.Destinations_AgiosNikolaosIsland of Crete is the birthplace of Zeus and the cradle of the Minoan civilization – one of the oldest in Europe. Tourists usually visit the cave of Zeus and the palace of Knossos, along the labyrinths of which once roamed the terrible Minotaur – a bull man. The Greek history seems to get alive on the Peloponnese island and the characters from pages of Kuhn’s famous book “Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece” come true here.

GR-olympia-palaestraSo, Olympia is well known as the ancestral home of the Olympic Games; up today the stadium where first games took place still exists. The first athletes competed in different sports right here. Ancient Sparta got famous due to harsh laws and the courage of its soldiers. City of Corinth gave the world Corinthian columns, and the theater of Epidaurus is still impressive for its acoustics – the whisper from the stage is heard even at the top seats. In the Peloponnese are the ruins of Mycenae – ancient town, the former center of the Hellenic world during the reign of King Agamemnon of Mycenae.

athens_1Greece is like a kaleidoscope of impressions. Greece is one of the centers of Orthodoxy, so many tour operators include in the program the excursions to the holy places such as Mount Athos, the rocky monasteries of Meteora and the island of Patmos. Among those who appreciate antiquities Athens and the northern capital of Greece – Thessaloniki are in great demand. Just here in Athens the basis of democracy originated and the names of philosophers Plato and Socrates are associated with this city. Thessaloniki, named after the half-sister of Alexander the Great, is also knows as home of educators Cyril and Methodius – creators of the Slavic alphabet (Glagolitic). Until now, it serves many nations: Bulgaria, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russian. Athens and Thessaloniki are rich in monuments of Greco-Roman ages, Byzantine and early Christian churches.

However, people come to Greece not only to watch rich architecture and the seas, but also to buy fur coats. In the northern part of the country, there is the city of Kastoria, where in the Middle Ages the furrier craft was born. Fur products produced in Greece, are of great value all over the world.

shutterstock_114381538Besides spending holidays here in summer, winter Greece also invites a lot of people to its ski resorts. Slopes are equipped even at the famous Mount Parnassus, where muses lived in ancient times. Racing the slopes and enjoying the southern sea – it is something amazing! So don’t waste time and come to Greece either in summer or in winter. It is available for you all year round.


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