Happy holidays: Top 10 tips how to spend your vacations without feeling any stress

During our vacations we want to relax and calm down, leaving your every day problems behind. But often the preliminary preparation for the trip and the journey itself takes so much energy and moral strength that we need rest after rest. We will share with you some tips how to spend a vacation without feeling of stress.

10. Understand why vacation brings stress


Everything is amazingly simple – you go on vacation once a year. You want everything to be perfect, and you spend a lot of energy and time, choosing the date of your trip, hotel, ways to get to your destination and a new bathing suit. But try to break your vacation into two or even better into three parts and have three vacations instead of one during a year. Make your route more flexible – if you do not like the hotel where you stay, go to another one the next day. Stress will be less if you know: you can change everything anytime, and if it still goes bad, the next vacation will soon be waiting for you.

9. Go on vacation for 10 days

Short trips for three days are wonderful, a seven-day vacation is popular, but 10 is a magic number for a vacation. You have the time to reach the destination safely, perhaps even with a few stops. And you left your job for quite a long period of time to fully transfer your duties for this period on your co-workers and completely forget about work.

8. Travel with children, everyone will be happy


Traveling with children is a curious experience, do not deny yourself a trip just because you have no one to leave your child with. You just need to devote a little more time and energy to preparing for vacations and planning while traveling so that the child can eat and sleep on time.

7. Let the journey be planned by someone else

It’s great to plan a trip yourself: book hotels, choose plane tickets and routes. But if you do not have time to do it yourself, just buy a tour. Then all you need to do is to pack things in a bag and put yourself in a plane, train or bus.

6. Look for unpopular directions


Do you want to take a vacation? And everyone else, too. And as a result, popular for the rest countries and resorts in the high season is a continuous bundle of stress. Around the queue of mad tourists, there are not enough sun beds on the beach, places in the cafe, and kilometer queues in the museums. You know about this, so try to look for a less famous direction or less popular time of the year.

5. Automate the planning of your vacation

You have to make a lot of decisions during vacation planning. It is especially difficult when you go on a trip with several people. In order not to keep a ton of information in your head and not to fill friendly chat rooms with correspondence, automate the preparation for your journey. The easiest way is the tablets in Google Docs and Google Maps for making routes.

4. Traveling with friends – set rules


Traveling with friends is fun, but sometimes this trip turns into a series of quarrels. The reasons are the same for everyone: someone from the company jumps up all day and wakes everyone up to run to the beach, someone wants to visit all the excursions, and for someone the best place is the pool bar. Agree on the shore – you do not have to be together all the time. Let everyone have a vacation they want, and do not force others to follow your schedule.

3. Work on vacation

Do not deny yourself a trip, even if you have a load of work. You can do a little work even during the holidays.

2. But do not turn the rest into a remote job


If the workflow does not require your intervention, stop manically checking your mail. And do not pick up the phone if they call you from work. Knowing that you are always in touch, colleagues will alarm you for the smallest reasons. Believe, they are able to solve many questions on their own, it is simply always easier to ask another person for help. Before you leave for vacation, clean up your desktop at work and at home, then your return will be much more enjoyable. Some time after vacation, the working day can be started early, so that you can quickly solve all the accumulated business.

1. Take your vacation at last

Working without a vacation is not good for your health. You will not become the best worker. Your productivity will rapidly decline in proportion to the amount of time that you work without rest. We all need a reboot.

In the comments below, share with us your pieces of advice on how to spend a vacation without stress.

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