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How to avoid coming across pervert guys on the dating sites

It would seem that the Internet is the safest place to find new acquaintances and meet new friends. In fact it is sure so! You will not be raped or stolen online! However, you can easily run into an Internet pervert, who can significantly spoil your mood and discourage all desire to make “virtual” friends. Perverts are often looking for their potential victims on the dating services as well as in social networks.

“I have never had an intention to meet any man on the Internet, but that guy seemed quite nice to me,” says 20-year-old Juliana, who “was lucky” once to talk to an online pervert. The girl continues sharing her experience: “At first we just talked for several days, then he offered me to meet with him (we lived in the same city). I said that I’m busy (it was really so), but he began to insist, and I stopped responding to his messages. Then, one day, I visited my profile and saw on my timeline dozens of images of male genital organs, with “witty” comments and suggestions to do some virtual sex. I immediately deleted them, but it turned out that this freak also wrote to my friends telling them that I was providing an intimate services. Why did he treat me like this? I did not offend him anyway! I have a thought that he was just mentally sick man… “.

dating online

The main goal of the Internet pervert is most often to persuade his interlocutor to virtual sex, or the exchange of intimate photos and other “joys”, and you can meet such “freaks” both among boys as well as among girls too.

Unfortunately, you can not insure yourself 100% that you will not come across such people on the Internet, but all you can do is to reduce this risk.

For this you need just to follow these simple pieces of our advice:

1. Do not add unfamiliar people with empty profile fields and obviously photos that do not belong to them to your friends list – the perverts most often never fill in information about themselves.

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2. If a new friend of yours after a few minutes of chatting start making hints concerning sex – think twice. After all, the adequate person, who is looking for new friends, will not talk about intimate things in his first messages.

3. Ignore messages from strangers asking you to click some link and rate their photo – firstly, such links can be infected with the virus, and secondly, that’s the way for sex addicts attract attention of other people to their intimate photos. Do you need it – to admire the close-up photos of someone’s genitals?

So, be careful chatting with strangers on the dating sites! Follow these simple rules and make your stay on the dating online services not only pleasant but also safe.

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