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How to get the maximum of pleasant impressions from your trip. Planning

This article is for those who think that it is much more important to bring from the trip a sea of positive emotions and impression than just a magnet on the refrigerator.

Independent travelers prefer to save time, energy and money. But they can get plenty of impressions from the trip too. Everyone wants it to be only positive emotions. We have prepared for you some pieces of advice which will help you make your trip special and unforgettable!

Planning a trip

1. Find more information

trip planning

Spend a few hours on the Internet, searching for all necessary information you need. Read reviews about the places where you want to stay, and sights which you want to visit. Read the most negative and most positive of them. Remember, the truth is somewhere in the middle.

2. Choose the accommodation reasonably

trip planning

If you book a hotel through the famous sites, you should pay attention to its location. Sometimes it is better to pay for housing in the center a little more than for a cheap hostel on the outskirts of the city, than all the time to spend decent money and time on the road to the center.

You better know what is more important for you: breakfast included in the price, a 24-hour reception or the presence of a refrigerator in the room.

Sometimes when you go to some remote place about visiting of which you were dreaming for a long time, you want to have a beautiful view from the windows of your room. And sometimes a cozy room in the center of the capital city can cost you mere penny because of the lack of a European bathroom in it.

3. Take only the necessary thingS with you

trip planning

Do not take very valuable things with you! Clothing – comfortable and light, food – non-perishable, medicines – effective and not banned in the country where you are traveling to.

Some people have the following practice. They take on a trip some clothes, which they do not regret to part with, and as soon as they are contaminated, such people just leave these clothes in the hotel. In developing countries, left T-shirts and jeans will find new owners so quickly, while in other countries they will be handed over to the processing points of raw materials. Do not regret! You will definitely buy something new to wear on your trip!

Hope these pieces of advice will be very useful for you during your trip planning.

Do not miss our next part of the article in which we will give you some pieces of advice how to get the maximum of pleasant impressions being on your trip!

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