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How to take maximum from travelling

Traveling is something that not only children but adults are looking forward to. Today we will tell you how to make your traveling more interesting and meaningful spending less money.

Learn a new foreign language


Of course, in two weeks or even in a couple of months you will not be able to learn a new foreign language perfectly. But in the age of digital technologies, when it is possible to keep in touch with any person around the whole world with the help of the Internet, it ceased to be an excuse. In any country there are friendly local people who will support you with pleasure and moreover free of charge in your linguistic undertaking. Do not miss such a great chance. Well, if you do not want to start from scratch, then at least you learn basic English.

Go away from the trail


You will not surprise anyone with delighted exclamations about your super hotels or photos of local attractions. Send all the tourist booklets to the trash and in any case do not sign up for standard and boring excursions. We always compose the most interesting guidebooks ourselves, so take the time to find unique places that can not exactly be called tourist stamps. Find and visit places which are not so popular among the tourists and at least you will save your time not standing in long queues to view some attractions.

Learn how to cook one of the local dishes

Instead of missing the buckwheat cereal, cottage cheese and other food that you used to eat at your homeland, it is better to learn how to prepare some local exotic or traditional dish. So arriving home you can surprise your family and friends with something tasty and unusual. And to make your traveling even more interesting, you can arrange an exchange of culinary experience with the aborigines: they will teach you to cook something from the national cuisine of your country, and you will show them how to cook the traditional dish of your country.

Start a traveler’s diary

Open diary

You can have an old, good paper diary or create its electronic counterpart on one of the Internet sites. It all depends on what you like more and what you are more familiar with and whether you want to share your adventures with other people. The main thing you should do is to replenish your diary record daily and conscientiously. Where you were today and where are you planning to go tomorrow, what’s new you’ve learnt, what surprised you, with whom you met – in a word, write everything that is important to you.

The traveler’s diary is useful not only for keeping all the pleasant memories in it, but also for the fact that the need to write down the events of the day often motivates us not to stay in one place for a long, but to seek for adventures and enjoy interesting activities.

Learn a new culture

Tourists in France

Other traditions, customs, a completely different lifestyle … When we come to a new country, we have an amazing opportunity to plunge into an unfamiliar environment, to look at the world and even to ourselves differently. Literature, music, customs, life and, most importantly, people – explore, communicate, look, and not just wander alone in new places in search of what else to learn, and soon you will see that your life is becoming more intense and interesting.

Do not spend money on something you can save on

One of the main item of our expense is food. However, not everyone knows that food and beverages can be well saved both during flights and directly during a trip. If you plan to use public transport frequently and visit city attractions, then it will be profitable for you to purchase a tourist card.

Let your journey have a goal


Many people will agree that life without purpose is monotonous, boring and generally turns us into vegetables. Since traveling is a small life, it also needs to have a goal. Which one is up to you. You can try yourself in the role of an ecotourist and contribute to the preservation and enhancement of natural resources. You can name 10 reasons to visit a particular country and try to test everything that was listed. Or maybe even more – to become not just a tourist, but a resident of a country of your dream. It is up to you.

And if you spend summer in your hometown …

… then do not get upset! While you can visit the seven wonders of the world without leaving home, choose your country for winter or organize a fake vacation.

We wish you all have successful and interesting full of unforgettable memories traveling!

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