‘A Moveable Feast’ Of Mine

Paris is the place where everything is possible. It’s not only the most romantic city in the world, a paradise for sweethearts and the center of world’s fashion, but it’s also a nice chance of yours to take long walks along its awesome streets, to visit the most popular sightseeing spots and taste a famous onion soup and crispy croissants.1-613_Cite_de_Paris_hdWhen I was going to take a trip to Paris, of course, I was thinking of a partner to do it with. Because it’s simply inexcusable to find oneself in a capital of love and still alone.Meets.com was a perfect spot for looking for a Frenchman. I hoped to find a guy who was ready to meet me at the airport and spend three unforgettable days in Paris.

So there was Claude. A tall blond man of 34 with nice grey eyes, wide smile and an aquiline nose so typical for Frenchmen. He seemed to be nice and polite, loving books and trips and…a single. I liked the manner he spoke English, that accent made his speech so sweet and sexy. Claude appeared to be quite a conversationalist. We spoke a lot about music, history and Paris itself. But first there was the way he met me at the airport.

how-to-date-a-guyIn fact, I was pretty nervous about our first meeting not online but in the real life. I was torturing and torturing myself thinking what to say, how to look and behave. It seemed nothing worth was going to cross my mind. Each idea seemed either vulgar or silly. And the moment I saw Claude with a big nameplate raised in the air and saying ‘Welcome, Katya’ and a large bunch of multicolored balloons with nice smiles on them, I felt much of relief.

medium_3440590766I had that large smile on my face as balloons had and just hugged him gently, saying ‘Bonjour’. Yeap, I’ve managed to learn popular French phrases to impress him or at least make something pleasant for his ears. He raised his eyebrow answering me in pure French and smiling at me. Of course, I understood nothing, though I thought it was something sweet. And then there were our three days in Paris.

paris-RomanticoOf course, Eiffel Tower was the first place where I was going to go as any other tourist who is in Paris for the first time. We challenged to go upstairs instead of waiting for and using an elevator. That long trip up made us giggling and our legs hurting. At last we were up and suddenly kissing as he turned me around and a short silence followed. I felt dizzy either of impressions or emotions that overwhelmed me that moment. Late at night we were looking at the Tower glittering with millions of sparks and drinking champagne on Champ de Mars.

When we entered a hotel room I realized it had only one bed – a double one. ‘Oops’ I thought, but…’Okay.’ I was sure Claude knew about it, moreover, I thought he was booking a one double bed room beforehand. Clever one! Still…we had no sex that night sharing a bed and a blanket. Though I…I managed to masturbate with Claude sleeping next to me, guess he didn’t expose me. I was too horny that night and I doubt if I let Claude screw me the very first day, so masturbation was the way out for me.

0086_sacre_coeur_2006In the morning we took a trip to Versailles, the ex-residence of French kings. The weather was awesome and the palace and garden wasn’t too overcrowded with the tourists as fountains didn’t work that day. Still Versailles’ garden impressed me much with lots of decorative trees and bushes, long alleys, nice sculptures and flowers. We had excellent mood, joked and laughed a lot, chased each other and played hide and seek. At last we were tired of walking and just sat on the bench eating ice-cream and kissing.

His lips were so gentle and hot I felt my desire grew stronger and stronger and I thought I wouldn’t stop Claude this night if he’d try to have sex with me. Anyway, I liked him a lot. Think he liked me too. As we forgot about time our inside palace excursion started. We managed to find our group and a guide and see how French kings and queens used to live. Luxuriously, pompously and rich. We were wandering around those rooms feeling no legs in the end. Versailles is great, but we had plans to visit Montmartre that day too. So we left.

0086_sacre_coeur_2006Montmartre impressed me with its huge and awesome Sacre Coeur Basilica, world famous Moulin Rouge with its red mill on the roof and of course the series of sex shops both sides of that street. If I just was a little more courage I’d offered Claude to drop in but I was afraid of what he would think of me. Well, I’m kinda kinky, okay. So what? We had a dinner in one of the small and comfortable places where nobody would disturb you. And that dinner was a mix of sexual atmosphere and desire. I was just thinking of coming back to our hotel number as soon as possible to see where it gets us.

I was taking shower when Claude joined me in there. With no clothes on. That didn’t surprise me much but was the way I didn’t expect. We were moving in heat around the hotel number until found ourselves exhausted on a bed. Hugging each other we were silent thinking each our own thoughts. The morning came early and I realized I have to say good bye to Claude and take my flight home. He saw me to airport holding my hand and saying we could meet probably again.

As I found myself in duty-free asking for some coffee I heard nice voice just in front me. First I didn’t realize it was saying something to me, but when I raised my eyes I saw two handsome French men looking at me and speaking French. Okay, they understood I wasn’t French also and just asked me ‘Etes-vousrusse?…Russe?’ I said ‘yes, russe…’ absolutely forgetting about my English and then they smiled at me and told me I was a very beautiful girl. Oh, Frenchmen! I have to visit Paris again!

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