Paris – the city of love and romance

Everyone should visit this city at least once in their lifetime. It charms all people who are in love and urges them to spend an unforgettable time here. A lot of people come to this city to enjoy its gorgeous buildings and its well-known landmarks and picturesque views. You can’t leave this city without taking photo against the Eiffel Tower. So, now you understand what city we would like to introduce you to! Of course, it is Paris – the city of all those romantic people who are in love or just looking for a partner.

What a pleasure to start your day with a cup of aromatic coffee and chocolate croissants against the Eiffel Tower.

Coffee with croissants against Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Or end your day with a romantic supper in some French restaurant nearby.


It is beautiful in any season!


It is the city of bridges that looks so nice, especially at night, when thousands of lights cover the passages through the river.


If you are in love, you should visit the bridge of all lovers, where people leave locks with their engraved names on them.

Love Locks, Paris

Paris’s Arc of Triomphe is one of the must-visit landmarks in Paris!

Paris Arc of Triomphe

Don’t ignore Mona Lisa in the Louvre Museum!

Louvre Museum

To cut the long story short, you will definitely enjoy your weekend in Paris. And if you spend it with some pretty girl, it will be even more pleasant.

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