Planning spring vacation: where to go and what to see

Choose a country, get a visa, buy tickets, book a hotel – preparing for a trip takes a lot of time. Today’s tourist trends include wildlife, filming of your favorite TV shows, wonders of the world and the best amusement parks.

We are going to tell you how to combine all these items and create your own travel calendar for this spring.

March: Meet koalas in Australia


In March it is worth flying to the southern hemisphere: there the seasons are completely opposite to ours. In spring you can enjoy the warm sea and pleasant weather there. Australia would be a good option. There are many exotic animals there such as kangaroos, cockatoo, penguins, tiger sharks and scorpions. Tourists go to this mainland country to surf, climb the mountains, admire the architecture of Sydney and communicate with the local people. For centuries the aborigines were isolated from other nations and preserved their own culture.

Must visit:

  • Blue Mountains
  • Tasmania
  • Phillip Island
  • Sovereign Hill
  • Great Barrier Reef

Budget: € 3,350 for 12 days + international flight.

When to go: in Australia autumn begins in March, but the rainy season doesn’t still come. The weather is mostly sunny. The heat gives way to moderate heat: +25 ⁰С during the day, the temperature of water is +20 ⁰С.

The tropical jungles of Malaysia and the stone jungles of Singapore

Singapore skyline

Another option where to go in March is Malaysia and its neighboring Singapore. The first one will amaze you with its colorful culture and untouched nature, and the second one with its bright entertainment program. Hours-long tours of the caves, millions of fireflies, mangroves and indigenous people in bright sarongs – this is only a small part of what travelers are expected to experience in Asian countries. It is better to go on such a journey in a group, as the guides optimize the program in advance, taking into account flights and transfers, and also plan the time with a maximum of entertainment.

Must visit:

  • Mulu cave complexes
  • Pulau Tig Island
  • Amusement Park Universal Studios
  • Futuristic Park Gardens by the Bay
  • Reserve Bako

Budget: € 1900 for 13 days + international flight.

When to go: March is the right season for traveling to Malaysia from Europe. Humidity falls, and the temperature rises. Such a climate will allow you to get a smooth bronze tan and in generally enjoy your holidays here.

April: Sakura blooming in Japan

sakura blossoming

Japan is one of the best destinations to go in April. This time of the year gives you an opportunity to enjoy pink sakura blooming. Modest geisha in silk kimono, pink petals floating in small ponds, multi-tiered pagodas and bamboo forests will make you feel complete peace here. But alongside traditional Japan, there is also a modern one: busy Tokyo with skyscrapers, advanced technologies and ubiquitous anime culture. And sushi, of course, original sushi.

Must visit:

  • Deer City – Nara
  • Bamboo forest Sagano
  • Fujiyama
  • Fushimi Inari Shrine
  • Shibuya intersection in Tokyo

Budget: € 2,600 for 10 days + international flight.

When to go: April is the period of sakura blossoming which is a unique natural sight of Japan. At this time of the year it is quite warm here about + 17-22 ⁰C.

Trip to the “other world” of Indonesia

Pura Ulun Danu

Indonesia is a country that brings together more than 17 thousand islands. Here are the “bounty beaches”, many ancient temples and active volcanoes. In the reserves it is easy to meet friendly elephants and various primates. They also go to Indonesia to try the most expensive coffee on the planet, Kopi Luwak. One of the islands is inhabited by Komodo lizards. Locals consider them descendants of real dragons. Indonesia offers you a universal holiday: from blue lagoons with shallow water for family holidays to high ocean waves that are greatly appreciated by surfers.

Must visit:

  • Crater of the volcano Ijen with a blue flame
  • Elephant Cave
  • Bali Island
  • Coffee plantations
  • Forest of monkeys

Budget: € 2350 for 14 days + international flight.

When to go: There are only two seasons in Indonesia, and April is the month when the rainy season finally ends. At this time of the year here is the optimum humidity and the temperature is about + 30-35⁰С during the day, the water temperature is up to + 28⁰.

May: Meet lemurs in Madagascar


Madagascar is a land of lemurs and baobabs. But those who managed to visit the island, know that its main feature is the “forest of stone” Scurvy. Karst pillars stretch for several tens of meters upwards, forming a whole “grove”. Also Madagascar is a real reserve. Dozens of lemur species, predatory foss, geckos, chameleons, frogs — many of these species are not found anywhere else on earth. Do not hesitate to entrust the organization of holidays in Madagascar to professionals: they know exactly where you can and should go, but where better not to do it. In addition, a trip to Mauritius can be included in your trip. The island is famous for the multi-colored sands of Chamarel, ebony forests and the best beaches.

Must visit:

  • Park Peyrieras Reptile Reserve
  • Reserve Scurvy Du Bemaraha
  • Alley of baobabs
  • Reserve VOI
  • Antananarivo

Budget: € 2350 for 15 days + international flight.

When to go: May is the beginning of the tourist season, which lasts until October. At the end of spring in Madagascar you can swim at any seaside resort. It will be warm anywhere. There are almost no rains this time of the year.

Sunny Rio in Brazil

rio festival

Brazil is a land of eternal carnival. Copacabana beaches, Amazonian jungles and the famous Iguazu Falls – tourists can find rest to any taste here. The country is huge, so you should not devote all the time to the capital. Include to your trip a visit to three largest national parks and see Pedra Furad’s rock. Pink dolphins, crocodiles, piranhas, toucans, anaconda and capybaras – the country is full of exotic animals.

Must visit:

  • Rio de Janeiro and Sugar Loaf
  • Jericuacuaru beach
  • Iguazu Falls
  • Sand Spit Praia do Cabure
  • Village Mandakaru

Budget: € 2750 14 days + international flight.

When to go: May is the season of low prices in Brazil. At this time the air temperature rises up to about 30 ⁰С, but it’s difficult to give a general estimate, because the country’s territory is huge and it is in the several climatic zones at the same time.

Hope your spring will be full of unforgettable moments for you!

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