Why Russian wife is a perfect choice for any foreign man?

It’s not a secret for everyone that Russian woman or girl is a perfect choice for men from other foreign countries. More and more men try to find, meet and get married with Russian woman. But why is it so? Whether American girls aren’t so beautiful? Or maybe the reason is deeper than we think?

imagesThe foreigners can define Russian women among the crowd of Asian or America women without any mistake even if this woman already lives in Europe for more then 5 years. Anyway Russian girl is always notable among others even without any bright clothes and make-up. Russian girls always attract attention of foreign men with their magnificent shapes – big breasts, round bums, slim figures. Russian girls know how to keep themselves fit. It’s not so difficult for them but they know what a reaction of men can be. And Russian girls like to produce an impression on men especially if he is a foreigner with a good job and good income. Of course we can say the Russian girls love money. It sounds a bit rude. Better to say that Russian girls love beautiful life – big houses, luxury cars, a lot of clothes, unlimited shopping, holidays in other country, visiting spa and other beauty shops.

17So to find a man who can afford everything mentioned is the main aim of the whole life. And for this everything, Russian girl will love his darling foreign husband all her life long even if he isn’t as young as she is. In many cases the age isn’t a big problem for Russian girls. Sometimes it’s even more exciting to have foreign husband who is 10 or 20 years older then she.

One of the reasons why foreign men choose Russian girls lies in the fact that Russian women aren’t so feministic as American women are. Russian women like when men take care of them. They always love care and tenderness. Foreign men dream about such wife. They dream about woman who will give birth to their children, will take care of their family, will love and respect her husband. Unfortunately they can’t find such characteristics among women of their nationality, because only Russian woman can love and show her love to everyone. For Russian woman family and children are the biggest happiness of her life.

images (1)And foreign men love it when his wife can combine her work with bringing up their children and house holding activities. Besides Russian women know what beauty is. They like to look well, to dress up according to the latest fashion, to use make up, to have a well-groomed look. It’s not so difficult for Russian woman as it seems to be difficult for American or European girls. Russian girls are always on heels because it makes them slim and smart. So the ordinary Russian girl looks as a model as many American men say.

Every Russian woman has a spark that makes all men around to turn their heads and follow Russian women with their eyes. Russian сharm, vitality, love for their lives and activity amaze all men from foreign countries. Russian girls are also known to be friendly, beautiful, well educated and American men say that Russian girls are very hot and spicy. There are a lot of sayings about Russian women. Here are the most popular of them:

im-13“After Russian woman man never comes back to the foreign one”.

“Paradise is American salary, Russian wife, English house and Chinese food. Chinese house, English food, American wife and Russian salary – is hell.

So a lot of foreign men believe that Russian women are charming lovers, loving wives and caring mothers. Besides they are very clever and smart. So the choice of foreign rich men is evident. That’s why today a lot of foreign men visit dating sites where they want to find Russian wife. Such sites help single men to find single girls for dating, just sex or even creating family.

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