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Safety Tips on the dating site

Not always dating sites can be so reliable. Many people are afraid of registering on such sorts of sites due to many reasons. Some of them do not like to share their personal details or contacts, some just do not believe that it is possible to meet a real love online while others do not want to experience any sort of fraud that scammers and spammers usually do on the dating sites.Please take a few minutes and read the safety tips that we have made specifically to protect all members of our community.

IMPORTANT: We never send you a letter, SMS or any other notification, where you are requested to provide the login and password to your profile on the site. If you received this kind of notification, please let us know immediately.

If you become a victim of a fraudster! Let us know by writing to:

Trust but check. Always assume that the person with whom you started communication can be a fraudster. How can you know this for sure? Use such services for searching photos, like Google or TinEye. Pay due attention to such things as mistakes in words or inconsistencies in the information provided, as well as the insistent desire of your new chat mate to meet.


Photo and video. Be extremely careful about what photos and videos you share with strangers. Scammers (online fraudsters) usually find compromising materials of their victims and then engage in extortion.

The first date. We strongly recommend you to get as much information as possible about the person with whom you are going to have a first date. Also, you should not go somewhere far away for the first meeting with a man you’ve never seen before. Read more about this below.

In other cases, please follow these tips:

    • Use all possible technologies (Internet, social networks, paid services) or even government resources to find out more information about your chat mate.
    • Let your relatives and friends know when and where you are going to go. If you already know the contact details of the person with whom you are going on a date, share this information with people you trust.
    • Always meet in a public place. Never agree to a meeting if your partner offers to spend time somewhere in a remote place or at his home.
    • Stay in a public place throughout the whole date.
    • Keep a cold mind, even if you really like your chat mate.
    • Always have a plan B. In a case you know for sure that it will not work and nothing good you will get from this dating or if your chat mate behaves himself suspiciously, make sure to get home safely. Ask your friends to pick you up or call a taxi.
    • Always keep track of your personal belongings. In particular keep an eye on your drink, so that your new “friend” does not put anything in it.

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Finance. Never send money and do not provide your payment card information to a person you do not trust. Check what information you share in your profile.

Avoid requests to send money to someone’s banking card, make international money transfers or electronic currency transfers. Scammers can introduce themselves as employees of government agencies, charitable associations, but none of them in real life will not use a dating site to contact you.

Other personal information. team advises you not to share such information as your phone number, e-mail address or your full name when filling in your profile.

Moreover, do not use passwords autosave, if you login on the site from someone else’s computer. Do not forget to delete all the information that scammers can then find and use against you.

Tell us about your suspicions. team does everything possible to protect our members from unwanted contacts. In a case you suspect someone, block this user and let us know about him immediately. We always appreciate your help in finding and preventing fraudsters’ actions on the site.

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Top 6 most obvious signs that you are dealing with a cheater:

  • You met someone online and after a relatively short time your chat mate urges you to speak or meet face to face somewhere else.
  • You noticed some mismatches in the profiles of this person on and in his profiles on other social networks, where your new online friend registered.
  • Your chat mate suddenly asks you to send him money. Such cases happen even when you communicate for a long time and think that you know each other well.
  • When you are called several times by another name in messages.
  • Calls and messages become intrusive if you refuse to send money.
  • Usually scammers always have an excuse for everything.

We hope you will take all our pieces of advice into consideration and you will never deal with such scammers and fraudsters using dating sites. Good luck to you!

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