Stop dreaming and start travelling!

Many people sure that travelling to another country is a dangerous event and it is the same as the flight to another planet. In fact, this is not true.Travelling-in-EuropeWe are sure that all our readers dream of traveling. One can argue about the methods and directions, as some people prefer the comfort and predictability, while others choose the adventure and wildlife. But no one of us would mind to go to distant countries to see the most interesting places on the planet. But most of these wishes and desires are not implemented in full. Therefore, we want to offer you a collection of tips that will make your dreams of wandering in the real journey.

670px-Save-Money-When-Travelling-Step-1Make a decision.  
How many times have we read articles with titles like “25 best beaches in the world” or “The most exotic places on the planet”, watched the colorful photos and thought that we want to visit these beaches and these places? This is just an abstract suffering and it cannot bring anything but anguish. We need to sit down, think about it and deal with our desires. What kind of travel attracts you the most? What you would not refuse to see or to learn right now? Which route would be chosen, if it was the last trip of your life?
Choose one direction, a specific goal that is most interesting for  you and start to take action to achieve it. It is much more useful than the abstract suffering about “traveling somewhere and sometime.”

TravellingTips_TOPBANNERMake investigations.
Travel in general, and especially traveling to another country is a mission without a chance for error. You’ve come to the island and did not see anything but puddles because of the rainy season? You passed very close to this great monument and did not know of its existence?
In order not to regret later on misspent spent time and resources it is necessary to scrutinize all aspects of your route. You should note all desired sightseeing, museums, national holidays and festivals, seasonal discounts, cuisine, and much, much more.

Try to avoid high season.
It is not a secret that there are more and less popular time for travelling in every country. There are huge prices everywhere you turn at one time. You arrive in two months and watching a very different picture: courteous staff, lack of crowding and low prices. Use this wisely magical transformation to save money and nerves. Especially if you are a lover of historical monuments and museums that are equally sublime in almost any season.

SoloTravelMainLook for accommodation on the place of your destination.
If you want to get an additional discount to the most favorable deals websites or similar to it just do not use it. Almost always you can rent a house much cheaper or get additional services for the same money on the place. Yes, the prospect of being left on the street can be frightening, but such cases are very rare.

sunset-planeFly with low-cost airlines.
Transport costs the main part of the trip budget mainly. Pay attention to low-cost airline who offer so attractive prices, especially during the sales. So visit the sites of these companies, sign up for newsletters and expect your winning ticket.

Take a minimum of things.
The less things you will take with you, the better. A small backpack with the necessary things will allow you to remain mobile and provide much more freedom than if you were loaded with three suitcases.

Use bank cards.
Plastic cards are great invention, which can make the life of any traveler easy. Instead of messing around with exchanges and courses, you simply take with you a small piece of plastic. And you will be able to get the desired amount of money in any country quickly and safely.

333852-11394400-aa37-11e3-9dd3-54db44ed2f71Walk on foot as much as possible.
The desire to catch everything should not force you to sign yourself into the shell of the train, bus, taxi or other means of transport. Try to travel by foot where it is possible. You will be able to meet with local features, see unknown places and try new dishes. In addition, it is good for health and for free.

The main idea for you, friends, is that you do not need years of training, a million of money and space suit for travelling. You need only to decide and to make the first step.
Let’s go!

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