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Summer holidays: 5 places for a relaxing vacation

Fresh air, crystal clear water and warm refreshing breeze… We are talking now about the five places where you can enjoy really relaxing and peaceful holidays.

Las Catalas

Las Catalas harbour

Las Catalas is a Costa Rica harbour surrounded by beautiful wild beaches, tropical jungles and thick forests. Cars are banned on more than 5,000 hectares of land. The local way of life is entirely devoted to nature and sport. On the territory of the harbour everything is within walking distance: from the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the shops and some hidden places.



Porquerolles is called a paradise, because it can be reached only by boat. The island is a reserve and it is closed to the tourists. A few properties are under strict protection. The interval between transport boats delivering visitors to the island is 18 hours. That is time when the island belongs to a small group of people consisting of hotel owners, holidaymakers and navigators preparing their boats for the next trip. Such tranquility helps to preserve wildlife, and the most beautiful beach of the island called “Notre Dame” is valued for its soft sand and the sea of ​​delightful blue color.


lamu island

In Kenya, there is the island of Lamu, washed by the Indian Ocean. The only thing you want to do on the island is just walking around and enjoying the island life. It is worth strolling through the serene center of the city, enjoying the coast, watching white sailing boats and breathtaking sunsets.




In this old town cars are replaced by donkeys, bicycles and boats. Hydra is located at the Saronic Gulf, south of Athens, and combines everything for what Greece is so famous for: pretty white houses, a cozy harbour, wild coves with turquoise water and restaurants with just caught seafood.

Ile de Brehat

Ile de Brehat nature

This is quite a remote and lonely place for relaxation but every year it gathers several regular guests. The well-preserved island of pink granite is famous for its hiking trails, green landscapes, palm trees, camellias, figs and hydrangeas. Several small shops receive fresh goods each day. This part of French Brittany really seems special.

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