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Sure Fire Hot Cooking Tips That Will Make Your First Date Sizzle

Why does that much anticipated, highly desired, first date causes so much nervousness and anxiety? You are probably hoping that this woman that you’ve finally lined up a real live date with pans out beyond the digital realm of cyber-dating. Will she flake? After sharing so many similar interests with you, you have become convinced that she might be the one. However, you fear rejection, as well as the possibility she may not like the appearance of the “real”, face-to-face, presentation of yourself. Will she be so not into you, but play your game just to be nice? You fear possibly doing or saying something you may regret and set her off? Will she be crazy? But why dwell on these worst case scenarios?

first date

You may have chosen online dating to start a relationship because you feel a bit introverted and shy around others, or you simply wanted to find somebody who shared many of your common interests. Since dating websites and match up profiles based on surveys and interests, you were able to find her.

Most dating websites that use these estimates have a high success rate of matches and marriages, meaning you are safe to assume the two of you will get along. However, you may still fear that first “real” date. Experiencing a nervous anticipation, mixed with hope and excitement, is nothing to fear; it is an entirely reasonable reaction when a person is interested in his or her relationship. In fact, it is quite common. Plus, it cannot be forgotten that, having had the opportunity to chat online and talk on the phone, provided a warming up period where you already got to know each other a bit.

For a traditional first date, this opportunity would be missing. It never hurts to prepare, so go ahead and think of the questions you’d like to ask and complements you can give her. Being prepared for an interactive conversation with her, where you only listen and remember what is important to her, is bound to win her over.

first date

Want to demonstrate that you are unique, more thoughtful than other men and have a sensitive side? Be her personal chef and cook her a fantastic meal, she will never forget. Now, how many women can say that on a first date, their boyfriends or husbands surprised them by master crafting an incredibly succulent dish?

Now, what is the overall best strategy when approaching the homemade meal? Initially, you are going to want to sneak her favorite foods out of her in conversation, remember them to show her that you are listening to her and paying attention to what she likes. Give her a first date she will never forget!

first date

There are a few rules and tips you will want to follow to help you succeed. First, regardless of what her favorite foods are, try to include an Italian side dish. Italian food is known to be extremely popular on first dates, but, whatever you do, avoid pasta. You do not want her to feel bloated right off the bat; you’ll have to get a few more dates in for that. Next, watch the garnishes. As fun as it can be to decorate a plate for your date, you do not want green leaves or the skins of beans caught in between your teeth and neither does she.

Along the same lines, when cooking with anything that has seeds, make sure to be careful there are no leftover seeds in the final dish. Also, be wary of foods that may give you both unattractive, smelly breath or even worse make you gaseous. Next, even if she likes spicy food, try to avoid it.

Most people have a threshold with how much spicy they can take, and if you cross that threshold, it could be very uncomfortable for both of you. You want an impressed, well-fed woman who thinks her thoughtful date paid attention to her interests and just did an excellent job of taking care of her, not a woman regretting every bite she takes, but playing it cool for your sake.

This being said, have a great first date!

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