Tips for travellers: what better not to do in the foreign countries? (Part 1)

Each county has its own traditions and superstition. We have prepared for you some facts about countries. It is better to say that they are tips for travellers – what better not to do in the country you visit. Here is the list of them! 1153402-3x2-940x627


Men do not wear shorts in public. If you openly criticize the government, you will attract a lot of attention. Local may require money from you for what you are photographing a neighborhood. Do not succumb to provocation. When entering the country you may be asked username and password from an account in a social network for security purposes. Create a false account before leaving. Just in case.


You need to remove your shoes when you enter a house unless the owner will tell you that you can be shod. Do not refuse tea offer. That’s rude. There are two topics that are better not touch in dealing with the Turks. These are Kurds and Cyprus. Do not call Istanbul Constantinople and confused a state capital (the main city in Turkey today is Ankara). It looks strange when a woman gives her hand for a handshake. This gesture means that a woman is ready to meet very close.


Do not drink water from the tap, if you do not want to make an upset stomach or even die. Not a lot of us speak or understand English or some other foreign language, so tourist must be ready to explain us the point of their destination with photo, picture or our native characters.


If you leave a tip to someone, you show that you think it unprofessional employee, because you think that he needs an additional fee. We did not talk on a cell phone at the station, bus stop, on the train – it disturbs the other passengers and is considered a top incivility (all write SMS-messages).


For uncomplimentary remarks about the king or the royal family tourist can get fifteen years in prison. If a local invited you to dinner, eat slowly than he is. It looks impolite if the guest copes with the contents of the plate faster than the host.


We made a bargain, and it is everywhere – in the markets and shops. If you do not know how to bargain, no one will respect you. Just do not give white flowers – they decided to give at the funeral.

kissing-rexUnited States

Tourist should not touch the children, especially if you are a stranger for them. You can be arrested. Residents move quickly in the big cities (especially in New York). There is always someone who is faster than you so do not line up, let’s take the opportunity to beat yourself. It is normal to lean against a stranger in transport, but it is not normal in a store. The phones do not work underground – call in advance.


Remember the main thing – do not trust the police and taxi drivers. Do not show your phone and money in public – you will always be robbed.


If you speak in English, the locals believe that you are from America, so you have the money. So they can rob you, when they find the opportunity. Learn Spanish.


It is the best to keep as far away from our police. Do your best for the police did not hear your accent and saw your documents. Just expect that you will spread about 50 bucks every time you ignore this warning.

nz_sheepNew Zealand

Do not make fun of Jaca. Do not touch our sheep. And for God’s sake, do not look for the One Ring.


Please try to speak with an Australian accent, we have so much fun. And in general, it is Australia, do whatever you want.

South Korea

There are a lot of prohibitions in our country: do not call abroad, do not listen to contemporary foreign music, do not look South Korean TV shows, do not criticize the authorities and do not watch porn. The last one punishable by death.


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