Top 8 Underestimated Countries in Europe Which Will Impress Any Tourist

Planning their travelling around Europe, most tourists pay their attention to such popular destinations as France, Italy, Great Britain, Germany and Czech Republic. But there are lots of underestimated countries travellers just count out. You will be surprised having visited one or a couple of them. Rich historical and cultural heritage, entertainment to any taste and low budget prices will certainly cheer you and your companions.riga_1_index

1. Latvia was considered to be the heart of fashion in the USSR. All fashion-mongers used to go to this country for shopping. By the way, tourists will definitely like its capital Riga’s sights.

2. First of all, Belarus impresses with its cleanliness. You can enjoy old and modern Minsk’s architecture, green boulevards and nice parks. Belarus has a rich historical and cultural heritage, lots of tourist attractions and high-quality food. By the way, Belarusian people are very merry and hospitable.

3.Slovakia can boast of a huge number of sights, among which are 9 national parks, hundreds of caves (15 of which are open for visiting), numerous rivers and lakes. This country is also famous for its ski resorts.

slovakia-dostoprimechatelnosti4. Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the Balkan Peninsula countries. First of all, it impresses tourists with its untouched nature, majestic forests, various flora and fauna.

5. Choose Serbia if you prefer relaxing resort vacation in the mountains. Belgrade is especially interesting place for visiting. Spend your day studying its history and watching showplaces. Amazing museums, medieval monasteries and ancient churches are waiting for you.

Fortress6. Albania was one of the most discreet European countries some couple of years ago. Today this country tries to enter EU. Tourists will be interested in learning its history, tasting local coffee and wandering along the streets of Shkoder and Tirana. Albania is also famous for its nice weather – it’s sunny around 300 days per year.

7. Luxembourg is a country of castles. This small state can boast of more than 100 castles such as Bursсheid, MamerSchlass, DraiEechelen Castle and others. Vianden is the main tourist center of Luxembourg and is known by its Victor Hugo Museum. You can also visit national park Upper Sure or take a course of thermal procedures in the resort city called Mondorf-les-Bains.4c9c1f2e3b73c4211c583e85f914fb2a

8. Liechtenstein is a tiny country that covers only 160 square km. All the ski lovers will like this place. Tourists can visit Art Museum of Liechtenstein, National Museum, Ski Museum, Vaduz and Gutenberg Castles.


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