Trip around coffee capitals of the world

There is much in common between coffee and traveling. These two things can make people fall in love with them firmly and for the whole life, and then give the best feelings and emotions to their admirers. And when coffee and traveling accompany each other, then their effect multiplies. In this article we will introduce you 10 cities around the world that are thought to be a real coffee paradise on our planet.

Rome, Italy


Italy is famous for its love for quality food, the same is about coffee. Rome is crowded with small establishments, where you can drink a cup of this drink. Italians are very serious about the cooking process of coffee, so you are unlikely to find dilute or simply low-quality coffee here. Italian people honor completely black or just slightly sweetened coffee, so that the traveler who loves the natural flavor of coffee without any excesses, will feel himself like being at home.

Best Restaurants: Caffè Greco, Rosati, Ciampini.

Havana, Cuba


If you are planning a trip to Cuba, then do not forget to include in the list of places for compulsory visits one of the traditional cafes of Havana. There you can taste coffee in Cuban or, as it is also called, “Cubano”, which is a kind of espresso. Its feature is that the drink is made with the addition of sugar directly into the coffee container in the espresso machine. This gives the Cubano a strength, while maintaining a soft and sweet taste.

Best Restaurants: Cafe Bohemia, Cafe Escorial, La Chucheria.

Reykjavik, Iceland


It may seem strange, but in this harsh country there is a real cult of coffee. Despite the remoteness of Iceland from the tropical latitudes, this drink appeared here in 1772 and so won the hearts of the local residents that they even dedicated one of their holidays – the Day of Solar Coffee to this beverage. Due to the fact that there are no large transnational networks in this country, there are many small independent coffee houses, between which there is a tough competition in preparing the best coffee in the city.

Best Restaurants: Stofan Cafe, Cafe Paris, Cafe Babalu.

Vienna, Austria


When it comes to coffee, Vienna is ahead of all competitors. The coffee houses of this city are even included in the UNESCO list of intangible heritage in 2011. Viennese cafes are proud of their atmosphere, which is created with the help of an original design, a special Viennese style and, of course, an unforgettable aroma and taste of the beverage served in them. You can spend the whole day in a Viennese cafe, that many locals seem to do from day to day. In Vienna you can try the incomparable cappuccino and espresso, as well as coffee according to a special recipe with whipped cream and chocolate.

Best Restaurants: Cafe Neko, Cafe Korb, Cafe Weimar.

Seattle, United States


Seattle is the American capital of the coffee business. It is right here where the largest facilities for roasting coffee are located, and right from here many American coffee networks started. Thanks to this, the city has inextricable links with this drink and a special culture of coffee consumption. That’s why people at this place drink more coffee than in any other American city. And yes, in Seattle the head office of Starbucks – a company whose name does not require explanations for any coffee lover is located.

Best Restaurants: Caffé Vita, Victrola Coffee, Tin Umbrella Coffee.

Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne is so fond of coffee that there every year they hold an exhibition of coffee and even there is an edition for fans of this drink that is called Melbourne Coffee Review. The uniqueness of this city lies in the fact that it is divided into several districts, each of which has its own coffee traditions and tastes. But the most popular here, as a rule, is latte and other coffee drinks with milk.

Best Restaurants: Pillar of Salt, Stassi Cafe, Captains of Industry.

Istanbul, Turkey


Turkey is known for its strong dark drink from ground coffee beans. Although the Turks are not the pioneers of coffee, but they found a wonderful way of making it, called oriental coffee or just Turkish coffee. The drink is prepared by brewing coffee of the smallest grinding in a small tapering upward, and then sharply expanding vessel with a long handle. The traditional way of brewing Turkish coffee takes from 20 to 30 minutes, but the drink turns out to be very rich and reveals all its taste qualities.

Best Restaurants: Mandabatmaz, Velvet Cafe, KronotRop.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


The most popular drink in the capital of Ethiopia is, of course, coffee. After all, it was right here where coffee was discovered and even got its name in honor of one of the provinces of this country. It is therefore not surprising that coffee is an important part of Ethiopian culture. The process of preparation this drink in the traditional way is an honored ceremony, which includes many operations. On your own eyes, the coffee beans are roasted and grinded, and then cooked exclusively in earthenware on hot coals.

Best Restaurants: Tomoca Coffee, Mokarar (Harar) Coffee, Alem Bunna.

Vancouver, Canada


Vancouver is full of small coffee houses, which are located at every step. The population of this city prefers this drink, not tea, and they often drink it a lot and for any reason. Here you can enjoy a coffee drink, obtained by the method of cold infusion, along with traditional American coffee and espresso. Although Canadians have a habit of drinking coffee right in the street on the go, it’s quite possible to spend time in local cafes.

Best Restaurants: Bel Cafe, Caffe Artigiano, JJ Bean Coffee Roasters.

Taipei, Taiwan


This city is the coffee capital of Asia, in which you will find both the familiar varieties and recipes, and completely exotic mixtures. Local coffee culture can be as extraordinarily refined, offering to try a small cup of divine drink for a lot of money, and completely democratic – in the form of the usual espresso in a paper cup. So even the most ardent coffeemakers will find pleasure according to their taste and wallet.

Best Restaurants: Melange Cafe, Barbie Cafe, Paper Plane Cafe.

What about you? Are you a big coffee lover?

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