My unforgettable trip to Paris

Hi there! First of all I want to say that I am a real travelling lover. So today I would like to share with you my own experience of the last travelling to France, Paris. I’ve got a great choice to visit Paris. I had a dream to visit this romantic place. The famous Eiffel Tower was my destination. But I had one problem. I don’t know French at all. And I don’t have any friends in France.So I went to Paris alone. I felt a bit nervous first when I get into the soon I met a great man who was sitting near in the plane. It was great because this guy knows Russian and French perfectly. His name is Jerome. He was a real help for me. He told me a lot about Paris and places of interest which I have to visit without any hesitations. He is a very tall, dark haired man with so nice smile. He is so handsome and cute man. He is very talkative guy and told me a lot of interesting stories during our flight. It was a real pleasure to have a talk with him.

I could listen to him and look at him for hours… He was a perfect company during tiresome flight (I hate planes I must say). Besides some words about him. Jerome is French. But he has business in Russia. He has travel agency network in France as well as in Russia. His mother is Russian so some time in childhood Jerome lived in Russia, Moscow. So he can speak Russian well too. Finally Jerome offered me his help. He suggested me to be my guide in Paris. It could be a real help I thought. And besides it was a real pleasure for me to spend some days with this handsome dude.

Eiffel-Tower-in-Paris-FranceOh, how great these days were!!! They were just unforgettable. I can’t even find words to express my feeling and emotions which I experienced being in Paris. Bright Eiffel Tower at night was magnificent and unforgettable. Besides Jerome made me some surprise. He organized night picnic for me. We were sitting on the grass, drinking wine and eating exotic fruits. Eiffel Tower was sparkling with thousands of bright lights. It was unforgettable night for me. Jerome offered me to make this night more pleasant for us both. He game me passionate kiss and hug me so gently, covered my body with soft plaid and whispered:  “Would you like to spend this night with me?” Of course I couldn’t resist the temptation of having sex with such a man.

soft-hotels-paris-06And we arrived to the hotel at midnight. I didn’t want to sleep at all. I was looking forward to sex with Jerome. I didn’t want anything more at that moment. Jerome organized everything at the hotel too. The room was so cool and full of red roses and rose’s petals on the bed. Oh my God! It was the best sex in my life. Several orgasms at the same time. Wow! We tried everything we just could imagine in our dirty dreams. We tried every position and we had unforgettable sex.

sex-and-the-city-parisI didn’t had such feelings even when I had sex with my ex-boyfriend. It was cool!!! Our sex meeting last for a week. Just imagine – A WEEK OF HARD AND SOFT SEX WITH A STRANGE MAN!!! I couldn’t even believe that I can do this. It was a pity for me to leave this place where I found a great man with whom I had a week of the best sex in my life. But I must go home. I must return to my ordinary life.


Soon I came back home and sitting alone at home I found new social network and one of the best dating sites – meets – which offers girls to combine travelling with sex in any county of the world. If you aren’t against such experience and dating with a man from other country then this site is for you. Come here and have good time!!!  Single women can find rich men here who agree to be sponsors of such travelling. Good luck guys and girls. It’s a real chance to visit other countries and have unforgettable sex with strangers I must say.

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