Where to go for a vacation this autumn: The Dominican Republic

People all over the world like traveling. Some people enjoy swimming and sunbathing in the summer sun. Some vacationers prefer visiting ski resorts for winter holidays and vacations. The best time to visit Europe is during spring time. But for those who can’t stand the terrible heat, but still want to swim and enjoy their beach vacation, we can offer a visit to The Dominican Republic.The Dominican Republic is best portrayed by the countless coconut palms bending over the secluded beaches, the purest Caribbean Sea and the excellent opportunities for unforgettable diving.

Autumn is a good time to visit the Dominican Republic.


August and September are considered the peak of the hurricane season here, but the chance to catch it here is very small.


The windy and rainy weather can spoil your plans. But, in general, bad weather doesn’t last long here.


The temperature of the sea water here is about 25 C °, and the temperature of the air rises up to 30 C °. Another aspect that makes the autumn holidays in this country particularly attractive is a low season. Prices for tours are already reduced at this time of the year, but the level of service is high. There aren’t too many tourists stroling and walking around here in autumn.


Here everyone can find something to his interests and likings. Leisure activities include water sports, diving, horse riding and going to the mountains.


Many attractions are waiting for tourists here. And for all who love to spend time on the warm sand, more than 350 beaches are opened, waiting for them.

The Dominican Republic is like a paradise on earth. So, if you want to find yourself in one of the most marvelous places on our planet, you are welcome to Dominicana.

Visa on arrival is needed
The best time to visit The Dominican Republic – since November to April

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