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Where to go for New Year’s holidays: 5 fabulous places – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Do you want to have unforgettable New Year holidays? Then you definitely have to go to the brightest and the richest country of the the world, the United Arab Emirates and stay for your winter holidays in one of the biggest cities of this country, Dubai.

Visa: you need national Visa.
What to bring home from the trip: a fur coat and other fur products, gadgets and electronics, silk, carpets, watches, perfumes, fashion brand clothes, gold, spices.


Fantastic, fabulous, luxurious, dazzling – the largest city of the UAE is called in different ways. The place is really unique. Half a century ago there was nothing remarkable, and now Dubai is a major financial and administrative center with skyscrapers and man-made islands.


When you celebrate New Year in Dubai, you will never forget it. Every year there is a gorgeous firework show here. This is unlikely to be seen anywhere else. In 2014, the Dubai Salute, which lasted six minutes, was even listed to the Guinness Book of Records.

On other days of your New Year holidays, you can just kie lazily on the beach and wander around the shops. Beach holidays and shopping in Dubai are great. In winter, the daytime temperature is around 25 degrees, the water temperature is about +20 degrees.


Dubai is famous for its malls and oriental bazaars. The malls attract tourists with the absence of VAT and profitable sales, the oriental bazaars give the opportunity to make a bargain.

In the “Mall of the Emirates”, “Ibn Battuta Mall” and other large retail outlets, you can profitably purchase electronics, clothing and fur products.

Mall of the Emirates

Ornaments of gold and silver can be bought at the Gold Market, located in the Nasser quarter. For silk it is better to go to the Textile Market, which is located not far from the fortress of Al-Fahidi.

The Al Fahidi Fort in Dubai

Have fun and spend unforgettable holidays in Dubai!

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