Where to go for New Year’s holidays: 5 fabulous places – Varadero, Cuba

Today we are continuing our tour around the most perfect places around the world suitable for celebrating New Year 2018. And today we are going to visit Varadero, that is in Cuba.Visa: is not required (up to 30 days).
What to bring from the trip: rum (Havana Club, Carta Otro, Carta Blanca, Anejo), herbal tincture Guayabita del Pinar, cigars, coffee (Cubita, Serrano, Turquino), machete, spices, perfume “Mariposa”, ornaments made from corals.


If in a letter to Santa you wrote that you want to be in paradise, then you need to go to Varadero. It is a small town in the Cuban province of Matanzas. Its main attraction for tourists from all over the world is perfect beaches.

The 20-kilometer sandy coastline of Varadero is recognized by UNESCO as one of the cleanest in the world. In December and January the temperature here rises up to +25 degrees on land and almost the same is the temperature of water. You can spend hours relaxing in the sun, listening to salsa and sipping rum. Then swim, dive with the aqualung to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean (in Varadero there are a lot of good diving clubs) and sip rum again.

On the beach noisy New Year parties are arranged. Cubans instead of a New Year tree decorate araucaria, and at midnight clink glasses with champagne, make wishes and eat twelve grapes.

Even more fun you can have in the Cathedral Square of Havana. From Varadero to the capital of Liberty Island is only 140 kilometers. The New Year’s Eve in Cuba is quietly flowing into the celebration of the Day of Liberation of Cuba on the 1st of January.

In Havana you will always find something to see and do. You can go to the cigar factory and buy them as a gift to your friends and colleagues. You can get acquainted with a rich history of Cuba, taste and buy rum at the corner of Calle 63 and Avenida 1 in the “La Casa del Ron”.



For buying coffee and chocolate it is better to go to local shopping centers. Street vendors sell here all kinds of crafts that you can buy as souvenirs for your friends and relatives.


Have fun and happy New Year in Cuba!

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