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Where to go in Asia: Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the city of the future with the largest number of skyscrapers in the world. They coexist with traditional Chinese-style houses, parks, Buddhist temples and European restaurants. Hong Kong is more noisy and crowded than Singapore, but this is a matter of taste: the crazy rhythm of the city fascinates many tourists.

Night view of Hong Kong is one of the most spectacular in Asia. You can admire it from skyscrapers, from Victoria Peak (a cable car runs to it) or from the water. From March to October you can enjoy swimming in Hong Kong: in the city there are a lot of well equipped municipal beaches with free entry.

Hong Kong Lights
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60 km from Hong Kong there is Macau – a former Portuguese colony. Now it’s an Asian Las Vegas with casinos and other gambling. You don’t need a visa to Macau, and it will take you just one hour to get there by ferry.


Visa free traveling up to 14 days.

The language barrier

Until 1997, Hong Kong was a British colony, so English is excellent here. This is the second official language of the city as well as Chinese.


 Victoria Peak
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The climate in Hong Kong is tropical monsoon: a cool dry winter from November to February and hot, wet summer from March to October. In the cold season, the temperature drops to 16 ° C, so it’s comfortable to walk and see the city. In summer it gets hot and stuffy, but air conditioning works everywhere.

Local cuisine

In Hong Kong, you can find any cuisine of the world – from Mexican to Russian, but it is more interesting to eat local dishes: fish balls, dim samy, kebabs of meat and vegetables, dumplings with shrimps and fried rice. All this is prepared and sold in street stalls, the food is cheap and tasty.

Dinner in the restaurant will cost much more expensive, but it is worthy: a high level of service, amazing dishes and beautiful views from the window. Seventy-nine restaurants in Hong Kong have Michelin stars.

Where to go

Victoria Peak
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Victoria Peak

It is the highest point of Hong Kong with the best view of the city.

Museum of Art

You have a chance to enjoy an impressive collection of Chinese paintings, calligraphy, sculptures and other exhibits.

Laser show “Symphony of Lights”

Junk Ship
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It is the largest light show in the world. Dragons, giant flowers and different figures appear in the air. It is recommended to view it from the Avenue of Stars or from the Star Ferry tourist ferry.

Old Town Central and Soho District

This place offers you a mix of European and Chinese, colorful locals and street shops, which sell bracelets against the evil eye, jade jewelry and goldfish.

Big Buddha

Buddha statue
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Big bronze statue on the island of Lantau symbolizes the harmony of man and nature.

How to save on a trip

Instead of a sightseeing tour, take a ride on a two-story Hong Kong tram. The fare costs only 2 Hong Kong dollars 30 cents (0,30$), and on the way you can see the city and the main tourist attractions.

The JCB card in Hong Kong offers a lot of different discounts. For example, you can get from the airport to the city at a special price, buy a ticket with a 20% discount on the observation deck Sky100 (Hong Kong’s highest skyscraper) and Chinese tea at Sun Sing Tea with a 10% discount. You can know more about other promotions and offers here.

tram at the Peak, Hong Kong
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View the panorama of the city for free in the numismatic museum. The only negative point – you can’t take beautiful photos here because of the glare on the windows.

Free Wi-Fi is available everywhere. The password-protected networks can be found in the street, in public transport, in shops and shopping centers.

Buy street food: it is much cheaper than in cafes and restaurants. You can also have a cheap snack at food courts in shopping centers or buy ready-made food in supermarkets.

Hong Kong is worth visiting for sure. So, take a chance!

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