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Where to go in December: 5 places where you will forget about cold and boredom (Part 1)

It’s winter now and it means that it is time to make some plans for your coming winter holidays. If you miss summer, sun, beach and sea, then we are going to offer you five destinations where all your dreams come true! 

You have a chance to soak up the sun and get a lot of positive impressions while it’s cold and snowy in your country.

5 sunny destinations

Are you ready to leave your country for this Christmas? Then we are going to go on a trip.

1. Livingston, Guatemala

Caribbean beach

Air temperature: 28–30 ° C.
Water temperature: 26 ° C.
Visa: not required for 90 days.
Cost of living: from 5$ per night.

In December the weather in the Caribbean is warm and comfortable, so it is one of the most attractive destinations for a beach holiday. But if you want to get more vivid impressions, go to Guatemala. For example, choose the city of Livingston that is in the east of the country.

Not far from this place there are wonderful beaches. The city itself is quite developed in terms of infrastructure. In addition, from there you can go on various exciting excursions: visit canyons and waterfalls or explore the ruins.

If time and budget allow, from Livingstone you can go to the ancient Mayan city – Tikal, in the north of the country. Although the easiest way to visit it is to stay in Florence, a picturesque place on the shore of Lake Peten-Itza.

2. Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi island

Air temperature: 29–32 ° C.
Water temperature: 28–30 ° C.
Visa: not required for 30 days.
Cost of living: from 5$ per night.

When we speak about December vacations, Southeast Asia especially Thailand comes first. But Malaysia is not inferior to it. Especially in this sense, the archipelago of Langkawi, bordering Thailand, is a remarkable place. This resort is famous for its clean beaches, beautiful hotels, nature and weather, which is just perfect here from December to April.

3. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Halong Bay

Air temperature: 26–32 ° C.
Water temperature: 28–29 ° C.
Visa: not required for 15 days.
Cost of living: from 6$ per night.

Vietnam is another Asian destination, that is ideal for a beach holiday in December. Due to the fact that the territory of Vietnam is elongated, the weather in different parts of the country is also different, but in Fukuoka at the beginning of winter it is very warm. The advantages of this destination are clean beaches, a rich underwater world that will definitely in a big demand of divers, and, of course, a very budget holiday amid a high level of service.

4. Oahu, Hawaii, USA

Waikiki beach Honolulu

Air temperature: 23–26 ° C.
Water temperature: 24–25 ° C.
Visa: American.
Cost of living: from 37$ per night.

In December, it is warm in Hawaii, but not too hot, like in summer, and you definitely shouldn’t worry about hurricanes: the unfavorable season ends in November. You can stay at different islands of the archipelago, but you will have the most memorable holiday on Oahu, the main island.

There are beaches, nature reserves, temples, and brand shops here. You can also go on a tour to the filming locations of Hollywood movies or visit the famous Pearl Harbor.

5. Cape Town, South Africa

cape of good hope

Air temperature: 20–25 ° C.
Water temperature: 18 ° C.
Visa: not needed for 90 days.
Cost of living: from 10$ per night.

December in Cape Town is so preferable for a beach holiday, but even without it there is something to do here. For example, you can explore local historical and artistic landmarks (the city is considered as the cultural capital of South Africa); take the Garden Road tour, which stretches for almost 350 km along provincial towns, nature reserves and tropical forests; go to the Cape of Good Hope or take a tour around the caves. Leisure options here are really diverse.

Hope, we could give you some hints about where to spend your holidays in December. So, do not waste your time and start to plan your trip right now!

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