Naples, Italy

Where to go in June: 10 places for a perfect holiday (Part 2)

Last time we offered you 5 destinations for your June vacations where sun, sandy beaches, warm splashes of waves and palms are waiting for you. Today we are going to introduce you 5 more destinations where you can spend no less interesting time.

Are you going to travel with us now to the most interesting places to visit this June?

1. Stonehenge, United Kingdom

Air temperature: 17-21°C.
Visa: it is issued through a travel agency or independently at the embassy or visa centers.
Cost of living: from 57$ per night in a hotel or free of charge in a tent.


If you are interested in mysticism and folklore or you just keen on unusual adventures, you can go to one of the most mysterious monuments of Great Britain – Stonehenge. On June 21 thousands of people will gather here to celebrate the summer solstice.

Participants of the festival meet the dawn together: they pay tribute to the sun and other forces of nature, as well as the ancient Celts did many centuries ago. But many people come here just for the sake of new impressions and real English ale, which is served in colorful pubs during the festival. The cost of admission to the festival is 110 pounds. It includes a place for a small tent, which you can bring with you and set in the camping area from 18 to 21 June.

You can reach Stonehenge by public transport from Bristol Airport. Near the monument there is the city of Salisbury, where you can rent a hotel.

2. Nuerburg, Germany

Air temperature: 16-20°C.
Visa: Schengen.
Cost of living: from 50 euros for 3 days.

Rock-am-Ring festival

Fans of heavy music are waiting for a truly significant event. This year, after a two-year break, one of the biggest rock festivals, Rock am Ring, returns. The event will be held from 1 to 3 June.

Thirty Seconds to Mars, Foo Fighters, Muse, Marilyn Manson, Stone Sour, A Perfect Circle and dozens of other big bands will perform on the open-air stage. Visitors of the festival make their own tent city, where they have a rest between performances of the singers.

The cost of a ticket to Rock am Ring is 189 euros. But this sum of money only allows you to stay in the main area of ​​the festival for three days. To get a pass to the territory for installing tents, you need to buy an additional ticket for camping.

3. Bordeaux, France

Air temperature: 22-26°C.
Visa: Schengen.
Cost of living: from 32$ per night.

Bordeaux, France

June 14 in the French city of Bordeaux, which surroundings are well known for their elite vineyards, a three-day wine festival will be held. Visitors will be able to taste such recognized varieties of this drink, as bordeaux, rose de bordeaux and bordeaux superieur ruzh.

Organizers of the event will arrange fairs of local products and prepare a special entertainment program for tourists.

4. Honolulu, USA

Air temperature: 25-32°C.
Water temperature: 26°C.
Visa: it is issued independently through the embassy or the consulate of the USA.
Cost of living: from 27$ per night.

Honolulu, USA

If you have always dreamed of visiting Hawaii for the amazing nature of these islands, in June you have an additional reason. On the 11th, the islanders and tourists will celebrate the Day of King Kamehame – the monarch who once united the islands.

Ritual ceremonies, carnivals, fairs, sports and a parade of flowers are waiting for you. It is a great event for those who want to get acquainted with the original local culture.

The recent earthquake did not affect Honolulu: the epicenter was 300 km away, on the island of Hilo. But before planning the trip here, you’d better read the news about the activity of local volcanoes.

5. Naples, Italy

Air temperature: 26-29°C.
Water temperature: 23°C.
Visa: Schengen.
Cost of living: from 20$ per night.

Naples, Italy
Naples, Italy

From 1 to 10 June a grand festival Pizza Village will be held in Naples, Italy. The historical birthplace of pizza will welcome guests with a variety of tasting and entertainment events.

You can try hundreds of varieties of dishes from Italian pizzaiolo, watch their competitions, take part in master classes, learn the history of pizza from experts and listen to local musicians. The ticket costs 12 euros.

We hope you will spend an interesting time during your June vacations.

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