Where to go in November. Festivals and feasts around the Globe

November is traditionally considered a month of the “low season”, and it is rather unfairly.

First, the children have school holidays, so it’s an excellent opportunity for joint trips with the whole family.

Secondly, after summer vacation has passed, winter and slush has come, but the New Year holidays are still far – it’s time to change sceneries, get recharged with the warmth of the sun, vitamins and fresh impressions. At the same time, airlines usually offer the best prices in November, hotels, restaurants and museums propose a variety of discounts and special programs for vacationers. Get inspired by the best holidays in November around the Globe:

November 1-2: torchlight procession on the Day of the Dead in Mexico


5 November: Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night in England

englandNovember 3-6: The Berlin Jazz Festival


1-7 November: The juicy pomegranate holiday in Azerbaijan


November 11th: Singles Day in China with frantic discounts at the mall


11-14 November: Start burning and launching floating candles on the Ganges in Varanasi (India)

Ganges River

November 14: The feast of the sailing boats in Thailand

thailandNovember 17: The forever young holiday “Beaujolais Nouveau” in France

france25-27 November: The Grand Prix, “Formula 1” in Abu Dhabi


Travel the world and have fun visiting various festivals around the globe!

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