Where to go in November: holidays to every taste

November is the last autumn month and it means that we are already exhausted by this dull atmosphere outside and we definitely want some changes. Why not to organize then holidays for the whole family? For what to wait till Christmas and New Year?

There are a lot of countries in the world that are definitely suitable for short tours.

Such European countries as Hungary, Czech Republic, France, Italy are so popular among tourists these days.

Sightseeing Tours

The excursion program of any European country is fascinating and diverse. Here the medieval atmosphere of the Czech Republic, museums in Spain, and the sights of France are waiting for you. Besides during this period of the year the prices are much lower than in summer.

Guiyang city
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The month of November in China is the high season. It is warm and sunny here, you can combine a sightseeing holiday with a swimming in the sea, as the country is rich in interesting history and stunning beaches.

Israel is relatively cheap in November. For each tourist in the country there is something different: swimming in the Red and the Dead Sea, visiting amazing historical shrines, numerous museums and attractions.

Holidays at the seaside in November

For those who want to visit warm countries, but without long flights, a tour to the UAE or Egypt would be an excellent option. In November in Egypt, the velvet season starts. The weather is great there, wonderful beaches, the temperature reaches only 30-32 degrees, in comparison with summer temperature of 40-45 degrees.

Fantastic resorts of the Dominican Republic and Cuba will be appreciated by all the lovers of white beaches and long-legged palm trees.

Exotic holidays

Beach vacation in November abroad promises a lot of positive emotions, especially for lovers of exotic countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam or Maldives. Crystal clear water, untouched nature, modern comfortable hotels, immersed in luxurious greenery – this is all that is necessary for a wonderful and fascinating holiday.

holidays on Maldives
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The Kingdom of Thailand is waiting for its tourists in November, the weather there is already less wet, as the rainy season has passed. It’s also a wonderful time for a holiday in India – November is generally the best month for traveling to this country of contrasts. As an option there is also inexpensive youth and active recreation in Goa, where you can swim in the ocean, attend open-air parties and spend all the money on entertainment.

Ski tours

Where to go skiing and snowboarding? November is the opening month of many famous ski resorts in Austria, France, Switzerland.

Austria is considered as one of the most popular ski countries in Europe, its resorts are unique – these are not modern complexes, but traditional alpine villages. Modern infrastructure, well-prepared slopes, a large number of lifts – all that is required for a good rest.

Green meadows, Alps
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A large area for skiing, a wide choice of trails, stable weather, bright sun, perfect snow cover from November to May are not all the reasons why the French Alps are considered the world’s largest center of winter sports. So the question of where to have a rest in November disappears by itself!

Festivals and holidays

Every year in the cities of Germany, Mainz, Düsseldorf and Cologne, on the 11th of the 11th month at 11 o’clock and 11 minutes, the beginning of the fifth season of the year – the carnival – is officially announced. The first meetings of the carnival activists are held, and on this day you can meet the first people in carnival costumes.

Cologne Cathedral
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In France, the feast of the “new Beaujolais” – a young wine from a small region to the north of Lyon, where every true wine lover should go. The holiday begins on the third Wednesday of November around midnight in the city of Bozho, where the winemakers march starts.

We hope we could offer you a full information about the most bright holiday destinations in November and you still have time to choose something from!

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