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Why should not you sleep during takeoff and landing being on a plane

Going to fall asleep sitting in a comfortable chair at the beginning and at the end of the flight you run the risk of your health.

Sleeping during take-off and landing can seriously damage your ears.The fact is that at this time the air pressure in the cabin changes dramatically. When the aircraft is gaining altitude, there is a difference between the pressure in the ear drum and atmospheric pressure. The air presses on the tympanic membrane, and the lumen of the Eustachian tube becomes narrower. Due to this phenomenon a person feels that his ears are pawned.


Severe stuffiness not only causes unbearable pain, but can lead to dizziness, nosebleeds, ear infections, damage to the eardrum and even hearing loss.

people travelling

If you sleep, you will not be able to take action to reduce pressure on the eardrums. You will not be able to activate the muscles that open the Eustachian tube and supply the middle ear with air.

Of course you can sleep during your air flight. But first just wait a few minutes from the beginning of the flight and try to wake up 20 minutes before landing.

Be healthy and travel by plane smart!

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