Why you will no longer believe in advertising photos of hotels (Part 1)

Comparing the marketing photo of the hotels with the real ones made by their guests will make you smile and even feel a little bit surprised. Henceforth you will look with caution at promotional offers of hotels, sites and tour operators.Girls usually use many tricks to look attractive in photos! A couple of lifhaks about beauty and a correctly arranged composition will make the human’s imagination work and will enhance a pleasant feeling.

What to say about the advertising photo, which should keep your attention and make you open your wallet. And here the hotel business is no different from other industries of entrepreneurship. Sometimes the fight is on the verge of a foul: our eyes are gazing at the picture, which looks a bit different from the other angle.

We have prepared an interesting selection of advertising photos of the hotels in their comparison with the the photos taken by the tourists in real life. We would like to share this remarkable comparison with you.

Sandals Carlyle, Jamaica

Ad photo: Guests of the hotel relax in comfortable sun loungers on a snow-white beach with spectacular water views.


Reality: A tiny beach with a shabby fence adjoins a busy street.


Maca Bana, Grenada

Ad photo: A large swimming pool near the sea will not let you get bored thanks to the wonderful scenery.


Reality: The size of the pool is more like a spacious bath, and the lash greenery limits the panoramic views.


AVA Hotel, Athens

Ad photo: Room with an incredible balcony allows you to enjoy the Acropolis from arm’s length.


Reality. The Greek landmark is “a bit” further than it seemed at first glance.


Dream Downtown, New York

Ad photo: Paradise pool on the roof of the building, in which it will be a sin not to swim.


Reality. Very small swimming pool that does not strike visitors’ imagination.


Samsara Cliff Resort & Spa, Jamaica

Ad photo: An experienced instructor with a snow-white smile is ready to share all tricks of playing tennis.


Reality. The condition of the tennis court causes a desire to quit with tennis forever.


Hudson Hotel, New York

Ad photo: What else could you desire? Cleanness, cosiness and general comfort!


Reality. Claustrophobs would not like to stay here.


Sofitel, Los Angeles

Ad photo: This magnificent pool will allow you to plunge into the romance of the City of Angels.


Reality. And no shadow of the nearby supermarket can interfere with you.


Sheraton Waikiki, Hawaii

Ad photo: A calm beach overlooking the ocean will allow you to relax in lulling silence.


Reality. The view is still beautiful, but there are too many people here.


Dunes Manor Hotel, Ocean City

Ad photo: Close-up smiling faces of the guests tell about great fun of staying here.


Reality. The pool is unlikely to meet your expectations.


Tensing Pen, Jamaica

Ad photo: The fascinating sun plays with rays on the water surface of the pool near the ocean.


Reality. It seems to be cool, but something is still wrong about this place.


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